If you really want to know the tips and tricks on how to cheat on Proctorio, you are on the right platform. Let’s offer new dimensions to your online learning.

Online proctored exams are the trend now! Schools and educational institutions are using online proctoring software. The proctoring software help institutions conduct the proctored exam. Proctorio is one such amazing platform for exam takers.

Educational institutions welcomed Proctorio with open arms. Especially during the pandemic period, Proctorio gained popularity. The prime objective behind using Proctorio is to maintain academic integrity.

Proctorio helps global institutions to reduce the cheating rate during online exams. But, Proctorio is really full proof? Can you still trick the Proctorio? Let’s know the interesting ways to cheating on Proctorio.

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Before knowing that, it’s imperative to understand what is Proctorio?

A Brief On Proctorio

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is online proctoring software. It helps exam takers to detect suspicious behavior during online tests. In simple words, it is used to detect cheating during exams. The software can be operated remotely. Proctorio is friendly with internet browsers.

Exam takers download it as an extension to students’ computer systems. Remotely Proctored means it ensures academic institutions maintain academic integrity. Moreover, it helps them to offer fair grading. The best part is the software allows them to detect cheating. Get the best help with online class.

In this guide about how to cheat on Proctorio? We will discuss the working of the software. How does Proctorio detect cheating? And most importantly, how to ways of cheating on Proctorio exams. So, Here we go! Apart from search cheats, you can also evaluate and know the distinction between primary vs secondary sources in this article. 

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How Does Proctorio Works For Online Proctored Exam?

How Does Proctorio Works For Online Proctored Exam?

Proctorio efficiently replaces exam invigilators. That helps exam takers to conduct online exams smoothly. Proctorio detects suspicious behavior during online tests. However, students wonder does Proctorio record your screen? And, does Proctorio record audio?

The software record students’ activities and surroundings through a webcam. It also records microphones and monitors screen activity. So, always be mindful of what does Proctorio do?

Proctorio monitors if students if they visit other websites during exams. Moreover, it minutely observes more than twenty students’ behaviors. After the exam, it generates a report for instructors to review.  Also, you can now know how to cheat on LearnSmart without getting caught. Get all the details here.

Proctorio works with any web browser. It just needs to be downloaded as an extension. So now you know how does Proctorio work?

Proctorio is using algorithms to detect cheating. Tips to take exams using Proctorio proctoring system software:

  • The computer must have a microphone and webcam with a 320 x 240 VGA minimum resolution. 
  • Appear for an exam in an isolated area with minimum disturbances.
  • Make sure you are using a reliable internet connection.
  • Your browsers must be updated. Check for operating system updates and download the Proctorio extension.
  • Disable unwanted apps and other extensions during the exams.

Reliable internet connectivity is important. In case you lose connectivity, your exam will end automatically. Webcam enables Proctorio to monitor your activity.

It also helps Proctorio to confirm your identity. In the meantime explore ways How To Avoid Plagiarism?

Can A Student Cheat On Proctorio-Based Exams?

Online exams are increasingly being used by educational institutions to evaluate students. Students think that cheating is easy when they learn about online exams. This is not the case, though. Proctoring software takes track of the student’s screen movements and other movements during these exams.

You can probably imagine why it’s necessary from the proctored test’s definition, don’t you think? We are all aware that a student’s performance on a test or exam is evaluated. Thus, the proctored software functions in tests like a teacher. It is a fact that the majority of online courses have these tools available to track students’ behavior. As a result, it is impossible to cheat on online examinations that are proctored.  

But, yes, you can cheat. But to trick the proctored system, you must be too clever. If you want to cheat on the online exam, you also need to be a tech genius. Additionally, if you want to cheat, you need to have access to other technology and alternate operating systems nearby. Read the paragraph below to learn how to cheating on proctored assessments if you can make it happen.

Proctorio Hacks In Online Exams

Proctorio Hacks in Online Exams

Now, you know how Proctorio works during online exams. You must be interested in knowing a few Proctorio hacks. So that you can beat the software and improve your grades. In simple words, how to cheat Proctorio?

Every software has some loopholes, and students can exploit them. However, cheating is against academic integrity. We always want students to focus on their studies and try to answer exam questions. We are providing Proctorio hacks for informational purposes only. But, if the students can’t find the right delta math answers what would you do? You can contact us for expert help.

Students are sometimes busy with other activities and want ways of cheating on Proctorio tests. You are on the right platform to know the interesting Proctorio hacks. Proctorio has several loopholes, but they are not as simple as they sound. If the Proctorio system detects you while cheating, your registration will be canceled.

That’s why it’s quite challenging and tricky to cheat on proctored online exams. Below we will cover some of the best ways to hack Proctorio.

So, here is the best way to cheat on a proctored exam! In the meantime, explore all about Emotional And Behavioral Learning.

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How To Cheat On A Proctorio Exam?

Now, this is the point where we will know how to cheat on Proctorio. However, Proctorio uses algorithms to detect cheating.

But, similar to other proctoring software, Proctorio too has some limitations. Proctored meaning is to invigilate. And you can take advantage of your digital invigilator to cheat in exams.

So, keep reading to learn the exciting ways on cheating on Proctorio. Some of the most common Proctorio exam cheating hacks are: 

Utilizing Virtual Machine

Utilizing Virtual Machine
Test takers use a virtual machine to cheat Proctorio software. It’s one of the most common methods. You just need to load a virtual machine and take your online exams in it. During this, you can do anything on your host machine.

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You can connect screen-sharing apps to your host machine using a virtual machine. So that someone in another room can control the mouse and take the exam on your behalf. However, Proctorio records via webcam that you are giving the test.

Virtual machines help you use notes, textbooks, or Google on the host operating system. That means the person running the virtual machine do all the things o your behalf. While you pretend as you are giving the exam.

The first way on how to cheat on a proctored exam? Keep reading to explore more exciting ways.

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Using Phones And Other Devices

Using Phones And Other Devices

This is another Proctorio software program loophole that students exploit. You just need to place a phone or small laptop near the keyboard. But behind your webcam.

This way, you can easily access answers on your phone or laptop. And input the answers quickly through the keyboard.

However, always remember Proctorio must not record you focusing on other devices or in the room. Otherwise, Proctorio flags for cheating. That’s why Hire Class Help Online for improved grades.

Using Projectors Or Different Screens

Using Projectors or Different Screens

You can connect your host machine screen to the TV in another room. You can use an HDMI cable to do this. Then someone in another room will give the online exam. This person can share answers with you on the phone using communication apps.

This person can also give the exam in the same room as you. So that he/she can show you what options to choose from on their screen. One of the easy Proctorio cheating methods.

In the meantime analyze the difference between parameter vs statistic through real examples.

Take The Help Of The Keyboard

The most common method of cheating on a proctored assessment is to use a keyboard. Simply copy and paste your answers into a document or notepad. Before the test, keep a separate window open to deceive the remote proctor. The keyboard may become used to open different windows. Using the keyboard is simpler and less physically demanding. Additionally, if you use a discrete approach, the proctoring software won’t be able to identify the keys you are pressing.

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Intercepting Video Feeds

This is another technique for cheating the Proctorio tests. You need to keep software between the webcam and proctoring software. The proctoring software relies on a webcam during the Proctorio test. Webcam monitors students’ activities to detect cheating.  

When Proctorio tries to pull a live feed from your webcam. The software intercepts and provides the prerecorded feed from a virtual webcam. Many software is available to implement such tricks.

This is an effective method to cheat on Proctorio. Students provide the prerecorded footage to fool the proctoring software. Just ensure there is no one in the prerecorded footage.

After recording the feed, send it as your default video. And, now you can chat whenever you want during an online exam. We also offer the best Edulastic Answers!

Searching For The Answers Online

Searching For The Answers Online
This is a very efficient way of cheating during exams. The process is very simple. Copy-paste the entire question on the Google search bar and check for the results. This method is perfect for MCQs. Most of the time, you will get accurate answers posted on various websites.

If you don’t get the exact answer, you need to open the websites that discuss the same question. The students can read it and get the answer. The only problem with this method is it takes a lot of time. You need to be quick to get the correct answers.

Some exams blocks copying or highlighting something. Then you need to type the entire question manually. This will take even more time, so you must be fast in typing. So what’s your opinion on Online Learning: Boon or Bane?

How Can Proctorio Tell If You Are Cheating?

How Can Proctorio Tell If You Are Cheating?

Proctorio detects cheating by carrying out some checks during the exam process. Some of the essential Proctorio checks during online exams are:

  • Monitoring online students’ activities during the proctored exam.
  • Capturing and recording exam environment.
  • Identifying and monitor test-takers’ position in the exam room.
  • Recording audio and video around you to help proctors monitor your activities.  
  • Detecting your body and facial movements.

However, it mean Proctorio cannot detect whether you are cheating or not. But, it sends various signals to your instructors. The instructors can evaluate the meaning of your actions during exams. That’s why you need to remain calm even when cheating.

Students must practice the Proctorio multiple-choice questions or quiz tests before actual exams. This will help to perfect your moves and body language. Although if you want to gain knowledge on Earth science topics, explore this post explaining Why you should study Earth Science Topics. Let’s say you must avoid looking downwards continuously on your phone. Also, try to avoid glancing at the online direction constantly. It’s time to get the best Connect Math Answers!

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What Can Proctorio Detect?

What Can Proctorio Detect?

Proctorio checks various aspects mentioned above to detect students cheating. Proctorio monitors students and detects any suspicious activity, and mentions the exam taker. Let’s understand all these checks in detail.  

Proctorio, record your photo. Recording your photo help software detect if someone else is trying to take the exam for you. Proctorio mentions this as suspicious activity and informs the instructor if anything like this happens. Once you are done with the technique on how to cheat on proctorio, the next possible agenda in front of you will be ‘ apex answers’. Get the complete details here.

Proctorio, record your voice during online tests. That means if you try to communicate with others, the software will record the discussion. Proctorio, send this discussion to instructors to evaluate what exactly you said.

Before you take the test, Proctorio scans your location using a webcam. This ensures no other people or material is present to help you cheat in a multiple-choice exam. If Proctorio observes students and detects phones or textbooks lying around them, it will flag it and require instructors to act on it.

Lastly, Proctorio captures head detects eye, facial and body movements. That’s why you need to look calm and collected during entire exams. In case you have a suspicious body movement, the reports will be sent to the instructors. In the meantime, go through the complete guide on how to stop procrastinating.

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Last Important Words

Proctorio is a wonderful software that helps institutions to conduct proctored exams. However, many students are worried about their exams. That’s why always looking for methods to cheat on the Proctorio exams.

The software has various loopholes that we have discussed here. But still, many students are not that confident to use those methods during exams.

The best solution is to study for the exams properly and solve every question yourself. 

It’s not a good idea to cheat on an online exam or any other type of homework. To study hard for your grades and be accepted into the schools of your choosing based on your qualifications is more satisfying. This will increase your confidence in the subject. But, many students don’t have time to study regularly because of various life priorities.

In such cases, take the help of Proctorio exam experts. TakeOnlineClassHelp is a leading platform that provides the best Proctorio exam assistance and custom writing service.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can Test Takers Cheat Using Proctorio?

Every software has a few loopholes. That also goes with the proctoring software. You can exploit these loopholes to cheat Proctorio. There are many methods to cheat during exams. Like using virtual machines, using phones and other devices, fooling webcams, and more to cheat in exams. We have explained these methods in our main article. However, we never promote cheating during exams. These methods are given just for your information. If you have any issues with proctoring exams, take the help of professional exam takers.

2. Does Proctorio Track Eye Movement?

Proctorio is terrific software that detects eye movements, facial expressions, and body language. Overall it can detect more than twenty body and physical signs to detect cheating. Besides that, other security features detect suspicious activity. However, there are a few loopholes that you can exploit to cheat during proctoring exams. But we will always suggest you maintain your academic integrity. If you have any difficulty, contact experts TakeOnlieClassHelp.     

3. Can Proctorio See Your Keyboard?

Yes, Proctorio, see your keyboard. Proctorio relies on your computer or laptop webcam to scan the exam environment. The software can see everything that is around you. It will easily detect several things around you. That includes phone, textbook, or any other suspicious material around you. You must have an isolated environment while taking the exam. The software also detects the people around you and sends the report to your instructors.  

4. Can Proctorio Detect Phones?

The software has the provision to prevent you from using the Smartphone. Especially when you connect it to the computer. However, it will not detect the phone hardware when disconnected from the computer. However, the webcam can detect the phone if it’s around you. But you can hide it behind the camera. So that you can use it as a cheating tool during exams. That’s one of the loopholes of the Porctorio.  

5. What Does Proctorio Flag?

Proctorio efficiently observes the test takers or more than twenty behavior patterns. Hence, the software can flag various things. The software flags any suspicious head, hand, mouth, or eyes movement. It also flags the inactivity for some time. The software also flags materials like phones, textbooks, and other such things. Besides that, Proctorio flags people around you during exams. You can never detect which of your action is flagged by the software. It prepares your report and sends it to the exam conductors. Flagging never means the software has detected you for the cheating.   

6. Can Proctorio See Your Browsing History?

No, the Proctorio cannot view your browsing history. It also cannot collect any information on your web browser. The software cannot detect your activities before you enable it. It also doesn’t detect your activities when you disable the software. However, the proctor monitors your web activities during the exams. If your instructor has enabled that function in the Proctorio settings.

7. Can The Test Taker Hide The Location From Proctorio?

No, you can’t hide your location from Proctorio. The software efficiently scans the location before and during exams. That helps instructors to know if they are taking exams remotely or not? The globe icon is utilized to scan your geolocation data. This data includes your exam surroundings and internet information. However, still some students cheat for higher grades. 

8. How Will You Know If Proctorio Flagged You?

Proctorio monitors online exams. It records the attempts by students to steal the answers. However, it does not monitor the exams in real-time. It will just flag you for your suspicious activity. And send the report to your instructors. The instructor will review the report. That determines whether you have cheated in exams or not. As a student, you will never know that Proctorio has flagged you. If there is clear evidence that you have cheated? You will be asked about the irregularities.

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