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What Is Word Counter?

When writing an assignment, essay, report, or thesis, we usually need to check the total number of words and characters in it. This might be necessary because of a teacher’s requirement or sometimes due to delivering the written text in a limited time.

Takeonlineclasshelp offers a free, easy-to-use word counter tool. It helps count words, characters, and pages. You can write directly into the box or paste your content. Our word counter tool has various uses when you are doing an online course, from helping to check daily writing to meeting assignment requirements to creating social media posts.

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How To Use Our Word Counter?

Copy and paste your content and choose the following things:

  • Page size
  • Font size
  • Font family 
  • Line spacing 

Once you have pasted the content or have typed it up in the input box, the count box will display word count, char count, and other count metrics. There is no need to click any count button. It shows word count automatically as you type in or paste your content in the box. This is also useful when you write content for SEO.

You can also use our free page calculator to check the page count. 

Who Needs Word Counter?

When counting words, the aim is to meet the minimum number with few exceptions. Below are some cases where a word counter tool is required:


In school or university, students are asked to write short answers or long essays, which can range from 250 words to 1000 words. Students applying for college will have a target word count for essays and assignments. Due to the large volume of applications the college receives, the maximum word count is imposed. 


Writers have daily writing goals, so if you want to hone your skills, choose the word counter tool. It will help you know how many words you have written and how much is left so you don’t write extra words and waste your time. If you also want to check the spelling, you can use our free spell checker

Job Seekers

Meeting a target word count is essential when writing cover letters or case studies for job applications. For example, the applicant might be asked to write a 2000-word report on a case study to show their knowledge of the market. 

Educators And Researchers

For researchers, word count is essential. Research abstracts are one exception that is difficult to achieve, as abstracts often need to summarize years of research into 300 words. 

Another place where word count maximums are used is in grant and scholarship writing. It can be difficult for students, researchers, and educators to outline a proposed project or describe their experiences and goals when they must maintain a word limit. 

Using our word count tool during the drafting process can help keep track of the writing. You don’t have to cut an essay in half or add more than 1000 words when you start editing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Word Counter tool free to use?

Absolutely. Our word counter is a free online tool available for everyone.

How accurate is the word count?

Our tool is designed for high accuracy, ensuring you can rely on the results for any writing project.

Can I use the tool on different devices?

Our word counter tool is accessible on various devices, making it convenient for all users.

Can it count words in lengthy documents?

Yes, our tool can check words in a document no matter how long it is, providing quick and accurate counts.