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Aleks is a study software designed by McGraw-Hill. It stands for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces. It was designed by a team of software engineers, mathematicians and cognitive scientists from research at the University of California and New York University on a grant from the National Science Foundation.

It is a revolutionary software that uses Artificial Intelligence to assess and grade the students. It first asks a series of adaptive questions that test the students preexisting knowledge, upon which a multi-colored pie chart is generated. This pie chart represents the student’s level of knowledge in the various disciplines, and the amount of course material left to complete in that field. This is a truly innovative technique! Getting Aleks topic fast is as simple as a single click now!

Aleks uses Artificial Intelligence to continuously grade and assess the student, and decides the coursework depending upon that. Since the questions are random and mixed, they cannot be predicted and cheated. Aleks also avoids multiple-choice questions, requiring a freestyle answer instead. All these factors combine to make Aleks a really useful and smart tool for learning. Its amalgam of innovative technology and user-centricity really shine in making the student learn new concepts well.

Aleks covers multiple topics across the fields of mathematics, science and business. Especially when it comes to mathematics, we also offer top-grade Answers for MyOpenMath as well!


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