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A+ Grades Guarantee

A+ Grades Guarantee

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1 min Response time.

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Easy Payment Plans.

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1 Million Online Class Delivered

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Professional MyOpenMath Answers Help:


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What is the purpose of MyOpenMath Answers, and how does it work?

Pearson MyOpenMath is an online course management system designed to learn and solve Math quickly and easily.

However, Math is not for everyone, and many students struggle to solve a test or a quiz such as My Open Math Answers Statistics.

Moreover, it is harder to cheat on the MyOpenMath test as the questions are generated randomly, and the My Open Math Answer Key keeps changing with it.

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Students also have a public profile where they can view their previous questions and responses.

MyOpenMath Answers is designed to help students with their mathematical problems.

Other than offering answers for all MyOpenMath questions, we offer MyMathLab Quiz answers as well! 

Many students, such as you, are working multiple jobs and cannot afford the time to do their classes.

We have an excellent team of professionals available for procuring MyOpenMath Answers. They can handle anything you ask, including difficult questions and challenging solutions. Here are some sample questions and answers.


Q1. What number is 125% of 70?

Ans. 125% of 70 = 125/100 ×70 = 87. 5

Q2. 95% of what number is 57?

Ans: Let the required number be x.
∴95% 𝑜𝑓 𝑥 = 57 ⇒
95/100 ×𝑥 = 57
⇒𝑥 = 57× 100/95 = 60
Hence, the require number is 60.

Q3. What percent of 90 is 54?

Ans: Let x% of 90 is 54
∴ 𝑥/100 ×90 = 54
⇒𝑥 = 54×100/90=60
Hence the required percent is 60.

Q4. Employees in 2012 paid 4.2% of their gross wages towards social security (FICA tax), while employers paid another 6.2%. How much will someone earning $33,000 a year pay towards social security out of their gross

Ans. Payments towards social security = 4.2% of $33,000 = 4.2/100×33000 = $1, 386

Q5. A store has clearance items that have been marked down by 55%. They are having a sale, advertising an additional 40% off clearance items. What percent of the original price do you end up paying?

Ans. A 55% reduction of the marked down price yields 45% of the original price.
Clearance items are further reduced 40%, so that the clearance items are 40% of 45% or an additional 18% of the original price.
So, 45% minus 18% leaves 27% of the original price.

Q6. Joyce paid $49.50 for an item at the store that was 55 percent off the original price. What was the original price?

Ans. Let the original price be $x
Discount = 55/100 × 𝑥 = $ 11𝑥/20
Hence the reduced price = 𝑥 − 11𝑥/20 = $ 9𝑥/20
9𝑥/20 = 49. 50
⇒𝑥 = 49.50×20/9 = 110
Hence the original price was $110

Q7. The population of a town increased from 3900 in 2005 to 5600 in 2009. Find the absolute and relative (percent) increase.

Ans. Absolute increase = 5600 – 3900 = 1700
Relative increase = 5600−3900/3900 ×100% = 43. 589744%

Q8. The distance between two towns is 530 miles. On a map, this is represented by a length of 5 inches. On the same map, how may inches would there be between two cities that are 1590 miles apart.

a) Record the proportion below in which you will use to solve the problem. Be sure to use x as the unknown
b) Solve your proportion in part a) and record your result below.

Ans. a) 530/5 = 1590/𝑥
b) By cross multiplication we get
530𝑥 = 1590×5
⇒𝑥 = 1590×5/530 = 15 inches.

Q9. A certain city covers an area of 74.7 mi^2 . How many square kilometers is this? Use the conversion factor 1 mile = 1.61 km. Round to one decimal place.

Ans. Area of the city = 74.7 mi^2 = (74.7 x 1.61 x 1.61) = 193.6 Km^2

Q10. A basement for a 22 ft by 40 ft house is to be dug at a depth of 9 feet. How many cubic yards of earth need to be hauled away? Assume the surface of the ground is level.

Ans. Volume of the yards = 22 x 40 x 9 = 7920 cubic feet
= 7920 ÷ 27 = 293.33 cubic yards.

Q11. If a rectangular garden is 45 ft. by 30 ft., how many feet of fence are needed to enclose it?

Ans. Length of the garden = 45 ft
Width of the garden = 30 ft
Perimeter of the garden = 2 (L + B) = 2(45 + 30) = 2 * 75 = 150 feet
Hence, 150 feet of fence are needed to enclose the ground.

Q12. As of 2020, the US minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. If a large corporation paid each of their 1.7 million employees that rate for 35 hours per week, 48 weeks per year, how much would each worker earn, and what would the total income be?

Ans: First, we need determine each worker’s salary and express that annual salary in scientific notation.
Each workers Salary = $ (7.25 x 35 x 48) = $ 12180 = $ 1.218 x 10^4
No. of workers = 1.7 million = 1700000 = 1.7 x 10^6
To determine the total income, multiply each worker’s salary by the total number of employees.
Hence, Total income = $(1.218 x 10^4 x 1.7 x 10^6) = $ 2.0706 x 10^10

We Provide Online Class Help For These Portals

We Provide Online Class Help For These Portals
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Students who use professional MyOpenMath answers help services pay someone, such as us, to get high grades in mathematics and excel in it.

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If you are struggling with MyOpenMath online classes, our MyOpenMath help services are just the thing you need!

MyOpenMath Answer Key, like MyOpenMath Statistics Answer Key,  helps students understand the MyOpenMath platform better.

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Why should I use your MyOpenMath Answers instead of other online resources for math help


Here are five unique considerations on why you should get MyOpenMath Answers service from us:


Our academic tutors are working non-stop to deliver your papers before the deadline. We have more than 100+ tutors waiting to help our clients with their online class solutions. Therefore, if you need MyOpenMath Assessment answers, we deliver them before the deadline. You can avail our Aleks Answers service too.

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What are some tips for using the MyOpenMath Answer key effectively?

MyOpenMath Answers is a comprehensive solution that can help you in many ways, much like MyOpenMath Answers Hack!

Our experts advise students to do the following:

  • Organize your coursework, grades, and MyOpenMath answers by using our handy tracker;
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What are the different MyOpenMath Answers that you provide?

Our service covers each kind of help that students may require for MyOpenMath, including, yet not restricted to My Open Math Cheat, MyOpenMath online tests, assignments, schoolwork and evaluations. We have practical experience in all the MyOpenMath homework subjects, including algebra, precalculus, and many, many more!

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How can I avail MyOpenMath Answers service?

Your guaranteed MyOpenMath Answers is just three steps away.

First step:

Share your MyOpenMath Login details in our order form and list your requirements that need to be done by our expert tutors. Similarly, you can have a live chat with our professionals and explain it to them in detail. Then click “Order now to begin!

Second Step:

We will dispatch you a price quote with all the payment details to your registered email address. We hope you will find our rates for your quite affordable. You can make the payment using PayPal, Debit, or a credit card.

Third Step:

After a successful transaction, our experts will start working on the best MyOpenMath Answers for your project. They will work directly on your MyOpenMath portal, so you may frequently check your work progress. Along with guaranteed good grades, we provide absolute transparency.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is MyOpenMath Assignment?

MyOpenMath is an open-source, free, online course management tool for quantitative fields and mathematics. It facilitates the implementation and creation of home and assessment, along with limited delivery of content support. 

This course management system runs on an open-source IMathAS platform, providing hosted access to this platform, in addition to free open texts that are listed in The aim is to provide classroom access to students without any few. It is also best for schools to install the IMathAS platform to give the students self-study opportunities without paying any cost. 

A non-profit organization named MyOpenMath operates this Digital Learning System. 

2. How to get answers for myopenmath?

There is nothing like myopenmath answers cheat. Several websites are claiming to provide you with hacks and shortcuts, but please don’t be fooled. The portal can easily understand if you copy the answers from the internet. 

Besides, sometimes questions are modified, and new questions are added, so it is hard to cheat. Hence, the best option is you hire our MyOpenMath experts to get assistance with your coursework and get the right answers for myopenmath all the time. 

3. How Much Does Your MyOpenMath Help Services Cost?

Many factors decide the cost of your MyOpenMath Help. Some of the parameters that we consider for pricing are as mentioned below: 

  • The academic level of work. 
  • The delivery date, like how far or close is the deadline. 
  • The amount of research goes into the work to fulfill your specific requirements.  

We understand a student’s situation and always maintain an affordable price. We always suggest you place the order as soon as you are assigned to get a more reasonable price. 

4. How Does Our Myopenmath Help Services Work?

You can get our Myopenmath Help Services in three easy steps!

Step 1 – Select the order form and enter your login details to let us know your requirement. If you have any special needs, connect with our customer executives through live chat within a minute!

Step 2 – Then, you will receive a price quote instantly. Pay the affordable rate using bank transfer or any other online transfer methods, and you are done! All our payments are secure and easy. 

Step 3 – After payment is made, our experts start to work on your MyOpenLab tasks. Our experts will complete it within the deadline and submit it. If you want to check the progress of your work, connect with our customer support executives. 

Getting help with your MyOpenMath is easier than ever! 

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