Remembering exact answers was believed to be the only way to get good exam grades. This belief is changing as traditional exams in modern education are changing. Traditional exams are receding with new technology, giving way to new methods.

This blog will teach you about the changes from traditional exams to modern assessment methods. It will give you a brief understanding of the changes that took place in taking examinations of students.

Understanding Traditional Exams

Since education came into existence, exams have been a part of it. Traditional exams are a way to assess the student’s credibility on the topic. Students are given question papers, so they have to give written answers. Teachers usually supervise these exams so that students can complete them within the set timeline while maintaining academic integrity. 

These exams are difficult for students because they must memorize the whole subject. In traditional exams, students and teachers are familiar with the format of the exams. In this way, it gets easier for teachers to give grades to students. 

Alternative And Traditional Assessments

Alternative And Traditional Assessments

There are many different ways to assess a student’s exams. Among these ways, alternative and traditional assessments are the two types of exam assessments. These two types of assessment are very contradictory to each other. Each one of them has its benefits and limits in modern education.

Traditional Assessment 

Answer papers review has been the base of traditional assessment for centuries. Traditional exams are used to assess knowledge and understanding about the topic. This assessment is important to measure the basic skills of the students. But, these exams can be stressful and limit critical thinking for students.

Alternative Assessment

In this process of checking, teachers explore students’ wider range of learning. This assessment allows the teacher to understand how well a student knows the subject. In alternative assessments, students show their creativity and problem-solving skills. However, due to its requirements, this process takes time for students to complete.

Can Traditional Exams Be Structured To Better Assess Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving Skills?

Yes. Traditional exams can be structured to assess students’ problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Educational institutes can lower the usage of MCQs to put more emphasis on assignments like essays and market analysis. This will pave the way for critical thinking in students. 

Giving assignments and projects based on real-world scenarios helps students find real solutions. This will increase the problem-solving skills of students in real life. The results from structured traditional exams can help teachers assess the student performance metrics. 

Transfer Of Traditional Exams Into Modern Era

Transfer Of Traditional Exams Into Modern Era
Giving tests in the examination hall with teachers monitoring the students was traditional. In this way, students depended on their brains to write their answers. In modern times, this traditional way has changed into a digital platform. 

In today’s education system, we have seen the adoption of online exam services. This service has allowed the students and teachers to be more flexible about exams. A student can take exams on this platform from anywhere. A teacher can also assess the result from the comfort of their homes.

Assessing multiple-choice questions for educational institutes has become more accessible. They can get immediate feedback by analyzing the student’s test results. This is also cost-effective as compared to traditional exams. Institutes don’t have to pay extra to manage staff and print questions and answer sheets.

Challenges Of Traditional Exams


Traditional exams emphasize the memorization of answers. Not all students have sharp minds that can remember all the formulas or equations. This creates problems for students to give proper answers on the exams.

Limitation To Skills 

A student may need to improve at remembering answers but might be good at solving problems. This way, traditional exams restrict students from using critical thinking, problem-solving, or communication skills. 

High-Pressure Exams

Traditional exams are usually stressful for students because they must remember every answer. This creates exam stress and anxiety in students, which can affect their mental state. The high pressure of exams hurts the overall performance of the student.

Less Application To Real-World Problems

The structure of questions in traditional exams does not help students know their implications in real-life situations. This restricts the knowledge only to books and exams. The students may not even remember if any such situation arises.

Biasness And Unfair

Many underprivileged students may have learning disabilities like dyslexia. For these students, traditional exams can be biased. What can be an easy question for an average student might be difficult for a disabled student. Thus, traditional exams restrict underprivileged or disabled students from access to educational opportunities. 

Teaching Practices Influenced By Standardized Testing

Teaching practices influenced by standardized testing
Changes in the examination process have also influenced teachers to change the teaching process. Standardized tests have made teachers make specific teaching curriculum designs for students. In this aspect, students are exposed to key information and skills for a successful future.

With online assessment methods, educators have also initiated online teaching. Now, teachers take online classes with students who cannot attend class physically. In this way, teaching and learning become flexible for students and teachers. 

Online tests and assignments have become common in modern teaching. Teachers can now check the development of students through online exams. Online platforms review individual students through exams. This makes a teacher aware of students’ weaknesses and strengths.

Role Of Technology In Modern Education

Advanced technology has an impact on every sector. In education, it has increased academic standards for students and teachers. Here are some of the significance of technology in the modern way:

Easy Access To Learning Materials

Technology has empowered students to get easy access to information anytime. Now, teachers can upload their study materials online for students to learn. Similarly, students can look for any information over the internet. 

Devices For Students

Many educational institutes give students devices like tablets or laptops. In these devices, students receive exam updates or lectures from their teachers. These devices can access the institute’s digital library for educational help. 

Online Exams Options

With online teaching, educational institutes have also started taking online exams. This platform has also helped teachers to carry exams for students who are staying in overseas countries. Some universities have anti-cheating features on their online exam portals. 

  • Proctored Exams

With new technologies for online exams, proctors can take exams remotely. To prepare for an online exam, it is necessary to read and understand  the exam guidelines. In these types of exams, proctors can record your screen during the examination. They can also monitor you through a webcam and microphone to check your surroundings.

  • Non-proctored Exams

In non-proctored exams, students are not under direct supervision. These exams provide flexibility to students so they can take them anytime. Many non-proctored exams provide an open-book format for students.

Increase In Distance Learning

Education over the Internet has allowed many overseas students to take distance learning. In this way, education can be reached to anyone around the globe. Technology has increased equity in education for students who need learning.

Tips To Reduce Exam Stress For Students

Tips to reduce exam stress for students

Whether it is traditional or online exams, the stress of exams has always been there for students. It is necessary to keep a calm mind before exams. If your exams are near and you are experiencing stress, then these tips will help you decrease it. 

Focus On Learning Keywords

Instead of remembering the whole sentence or paragraph, remember keywords. This will help you to keep a lot of information in mind. As a result, you will be able to use these keywords to write answers to the relevant questions. 

Eat And Sleep Well

Maintaining a poor diet and less sleep increases your exam stress. Keep yourself fit for the exam. Decrease anxiety and stress by Sleeping 7-8 hours, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. 

Set Achievable Objectives

Whether your exams are a week or a month away, you must set your targets accordingly. This will help you accept your current situation and plan your exams accordingly. It would help you believe in yourself to achieve your set educational grades.

Talk To Friends Or A Close Person

In extreme cases of stress or anxiety, you should speak to friends or close people. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Talking to close people can help you decrease your level of stress. This can help you take your exam with a calm mind.  

Hire Us To Assist You With Your Exams

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One can surmise from the above blog that traditional exams are changing to new ways. Technology has contributed a big part to these new ways of exams. However, even the changes in conventional exams have not decreased exam stress for students.

Remembering correct answers or finding logical solutions are still problems during exams. To overcome these problems, we are here to help. With our services, you don’t have to take the pressure of low grades on your exams. All you need to do is contact us.  

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