Did your teacher ask you to write a PEEL paragraph in homework? Do you know the meaning of PEEL? Are you aware of how to construct a PEEL paragraph table? Here we will provide details about PEEL writing styles and how you can apply this method in academic writing.

What Is A Peel Paragraph?

A PEEL structure paragraph refers to the standard format for writing essays. It helps in focusing on a single and clear argument in a paragraph.

Students can easily construct paragraphs for school homework following this strategy. It allows them to create an essay that is easily accessible for the readers to understand.

PEEL anchor chart stands for Point, Evidence/Example, Explanation, and Link. In the following, we will emphasize each fact for ease of understanding. It is a complete guide for paragraph writing. Follow these steps to impress your language teacher.


State your point at the beginning of the paragraph. Point refers to the main idea you will share in the PEEL paragraph starter. It will establish the topic you will discuss in the introductory paragraph. So, the readers get a clear idea about what they will acquire from your discussion.

This section will draw the reader’s attention and engage them to move to the following texts. You may start your paragraph with a common query regarding your topic.

It will keep the readers engaged until they find the solution. So, you must keep the relevance between your starting argument and the following sections.

Evidence / Example:

After expressing your point:

  1. Provide evidence or examples regarding your argument.
  2. Share statistics or records related to your topic in this section to establish your point.
  3. Give the maximum relevant information and crucial proof you have in this section following the PEEL method for writing.

Once you have introduced your essay topic sentence, you should share the relevant evidence to convince readers about your idea. You can present some related examples to make your argument understandable to all.

Present authentic evidence supports your point and mention the sources if possible. If you take my online classes, I can give you more practical ideas about a PEEL format paragraph and how you should create the outline.


It is the lengthiest part of a PEEL paragraph. You need to explain the evidence or examples you presented in the earlier section. Hence this section will be descriptive and persuasive. The explanation will make the readers believe in the argument of your PEEL paragraph method.

Your concept on the topic should be very clear to deliver logical explanations. Also, you need to establish that your point is based on facts you have collected from authentic sources.

Your explanation should be relevant to the point and evidence you have provided in your PEEL essay writing. Precisely, you need to prove how the evidence you provided supports your point.


The last part of the paragraph should link to the thesis statement of the essay. To conclude your paragraph, you should tie your points to your essay question, topic, or paper.

The concluding sentence of a PEEL paragraph should reinforce the original idea and provide a transition or Link to the next paragraph for consistency.

Think of the link section as a bridge between all the essential points you want to discuss in your next paragraph. The Link happens at the end of the paragraph as it acts as a gateway to the next point, where the whole PEEL method starts again.

If you go through PEEL paragraph examples for academic writing, you will get a clear conception of the link section for closing the paragraph. 

 So, PEEL paragraphs refer to an organized way of paragraph writing for students. If they follow all these four points mentioned above correctly, they can construct high-quality paragraphs that readers will enjoy while reading.

But many students search for shortcuts and don’t follow every detail. They will struggle to understand PEEL paragraphs. As we have observed, many students search for hacks in online exams. For example, they search “can Canvas detect cheating” or similar cheats to make their lessons easy. But they usually suffer from stress before exams due to lack of preparation.

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Example Of A Peel Paragraph:

Example Of A Peel Paragraph

We have provided a PEEL paragraph worksheet sample in the following section to give students a practical idea about PEEL paragraphs.

The passage is about the fundamentals of online education. Focus on how the content is distributed among these four sections in the paragraph in PEEL structure.

1st Section: Point –

Online education is the future of our learning system. Especially in this new-normal era after the Covid-19 pandemic, most reputed educational organizations have started online classes. So, the students don’t miss their classes during the lockdown.

2nd Section: Evidence –

A recent survey found that about 52% of US college graduates felt online college-level education provided a better learning experience than traditional classroom-based education. Also, the e-learning industry is growing by about 20% annually worldwide.

3rd Section: Explanation –

Hence, from the present statistics, it is pretty clear that online learning will become prevalent in the future. And all educational institutions will conduct online classes parallelly along with regular classrooms. The pandemic made us choose distance learning options, but the easy convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of online learning made it famous across the planet. Students can attend their classes from home. It provides them with the opportunity to learn multiple subjects simultaneously. In the meantime, go through the comprehensive, persuasive techniques.

4th Section: Link

These amazing benefits made e-learning widespread, and in the future, we expect to see online education as the primary source of learning. Students who attend online classes learn the subjects in an enjoyable way. So online education unfurls the option to make learning a fun fact.

We hope the above explanation will assist you in understanding the formation of PEEL writing. So, you can follow these paragraph writing tips to impress your language teacher.

You can write a PEEL TEEL paragraph on any topic if you know the correct formation. Write an essay on Mediator Vs Moderator and share it with us in the comment section for practical conception.

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Why Is Peel Writing Essential?

Why Is Peel Writing Essential

If you’re trying to share your thoughts on a given topic, you’ll need to structure it so others can understand. When you’re writing an essay, it’s essential to remember that you’re actually writing for your audience, not for yourself. Paragraphs help others understand your thoughts.

For this reason, it is essential to guide the reader step by step through the thought process. PEEL writing is a great way to present information in a way that your readers can relate to and understand.

Also, it is crucial to keep your paragraphs short and straightforward to drive more engagement among readers.

The Bottom Line:

Paragraphs should be clear, focused, and not too long. If your paragraph is getting too long, learn how to split it into multiple paragraphs and create a new paragraph for each new idea you bring to your essay. Finally, it’s crucial to always proofread your paragraphs. Read it once, twice, and again. Check paragraph spelling, grammar, language, and sentence flow.

The most efficient way for this is to have yourself read aloud. If it sounds clunky or unclear, consider rewriting it. That’s it! I hope this helps explain the PEEL method and how it will help you write your next essay. Remember all four points of PEEL writing skills and follow these correctly in every paragraph you write. Explore a complete guide on how to cheat IXL answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do you start a good PEEL paragraph?

Start with the main idea you will emphasize in the following section. PEEL paragraph sentence starters focus on engaging the viewers with a persuasive approach. Hence, start with a common question related to your topic or a statement in the opening sentence you will explain in the following section.

2. What is the PEEL method?

PEEL stands for Point, Evidence, Explanation, and Link. So, the PEEL paragraph structure should focus on all these factors in proper order. Academic PEEL writing tips suggest starting the paragraph with the main topic and then providing relative evidence to support the point. After that, explain the topic sentence in detail to establish the evidence you have provided. Finish the paragraph with a link to the thesis statement, which will continue in the following paragraph.

3. How do you conclude PEEL writing?

The conclusion of a PEEL paragraph is referred to as Link. It acts like a bridge between the statements you have shared in your writing. The Link also provides a gateway to the following paragraph in an essay, where the PEEL method is followed accordingly. In conclusion, provide a brief about the idea you have discussed in the paragraph. And establish a link to the next part of the writing.

4. How many sentences are in a PEEL paragraph?

The PEEL structure has four main components. But there are no limitations, like you can only use single sentences to describe each point. If your main point becomes too long, you can break it into two sentences for better flow and readability. Hence PEEL paragraphs usually contain 4 to 10 sentences.

5. How to structure a PEEL paragraph?

You should structure your PEEL writing based on the four sections. Start the paragraph with the main idea you will share in the following section. Then present evidence you have to establish your ideas. After that, explain your ideas in simple words and then finish the paragraph with a closing statement. Also, establish a link to the following paragraphs in the concluding section.

6. What sentences start a peel paragraph?

In the peel paragraph, the starting sentence should start with the Point or Topic sentence. It should state the main point that students are trying to establish in their paragraph. 

7. What is a 3 peel paragraph?

PEEL is a mnemonic (a pattern or term that can help us remember an idea or concept) that you can use to structure your writing and make sure that each paragraph is centred on a single, compelling argument. The acronym for this phrase is PEL (Point, Example, Explain, Link).

8. What is the first sentence in paragraph?

Ideally, the topic sentence is the first sentence of the paragraph. This sentence gives an overview of the entire point of discussion that is being written or talked about by the writer in the coming paragraph. 

9. What is evidence in peel paragraph?

Evidence is nothing but examples in peel paragraph. It includes facts, research, statistics, data, quotes and others to support the entire paragraph or topic sentence.

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