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Copy and paste the text into the box, and our online spell checker will show you the mistakes and help you correct your spelling.

Catch Mistakes in Any Document

Avoid Mistakes

Have you sent any text, email, assignment, or job application and instantly realized there are spelling mistakes? It’s embarrassing. With the help of our online spell checker, you can fix spelling mistakes and avoid such situations.

Spell Check With No Limits

Avoid Poor Grades

You might have written the best paper, explaining all the points, but your grades can go down with a few spelling mistakes. With our free spelling check online, you no longer need to worry about it.
Stress-free Long Documents check

Write Error-Free Paper

Imagine you have written a 30-page thesis, and when you check the document, you find many spelling mistakes. Our online spell checker will see those mistakes instantly, so you don’t have to waste your entire day proofreading the document.
Get a Built-In Thesaurus

Improve Writing Clarity

Checking the words and spelling is a part of good writing. Also, ensure that your writing is easy to read. Fix the suggestions; don’t use complicated language. Make it as easy as possible so the readers can read.

How Our Free Online Spell Check Works

Our online spell checker catches unintentional spelling mistakes when you type quickly. You can fix confusing spellings like ‘affect’ and ‘effect.’ The spell checker online free assures that your work is free of mistakes.

Enter the Text

Enter your entire text into the box and click ‘Analyze Now.’ You can also put paragraphs or sentences to check while writing.

Check the Content Twice

Before putting the content into the spell check, ensure there are no missing text or duplicate chunks.

Fix the Issues

Our spell checker scans the text and highlights the misspelled words in red. Please check your content and fix it immediately.

If you want a tool that can count the words, use our free Word counter.

Online Spell Checker

Check Again

After fixing the issues, you can recheck the whole text to ensure the document is error-free. Use our free tool to catch errors.

Who Can Use Our Online Spell Checker

Everyone can use an online spell checker, but it benefits people who need clarification on their writing or cannot afford to make mistakes


Writing a paper or assignment to pass? Why not use every tool available so there are no mistakes and you get high grades? Our online spell checker can boost your writing to a higher level.

Creative Writers

If you are an author, blogger, or social media manager, you know what can happen when a spelling mistake occurs in your text. Before posting or publishing your content, always use the spell checker to get it right the first time.

Business Writers

Imagine clients are pointing out typo errors in your proposal. It doesn’t look professional, right? So, ensure all your business communications are error-free and avoid embarrassing spelling mistakes.


If your first language is not English, don’t worry. Our spell checker helps you write correct English as a non-native speaker. So be confident that what you write doesn’t have any errors.

Helpful for Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability. Thus, incorrect arrangement of words and phrases is common for people with dyslexia. People with dyslexia can reduce mistakes by using our free spell checker.

No More Spelling Mistakes: Use Our Spelling Checker Online

Checking spelling has never been easier or faster. With our free spell checker, you can now correct multiple mistakes. Whether there are misused words, severe spelling, typos, or phonetic mistakes, we can detect them and help you fix them instantly. 

Start Writing Better 

You don’t have to ask anybody else to review your texts. Use our free spell checker to check the content and learn from your mistakes to avoid repetition. Don’t let small spelling mistakes get in your way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of documents can I check in your online spell checker?

You can check all documents, whether your first draft of a novel, a cover letter, or an academic essay; we will highlight the errors to help you.

Is the spell checker free?

Yes, you can use our spell checker for free.

Can the online spell checker help me with my thesis?

Yes, if you are writing a thesis, our checker can help you to make it error-free. It is also helpful for other academic texts.

What language does the spell checker support?

Our tool supports English spelling for US and UK versions.