This write-up will offer a comprehensive explanation of how does Honorlock work. Online education is growing every day, and students prefer online learning. As it offers amazing benefits. Online learning led to the development of proctoring technologies.

Remote invigilation of online exams is a big concern for educational and corporate institutions. Some educational institutions still arrange exam centers to conduct exams. However, it has many limitations.

The inconvenience of this strategy led to the development of online proctoring technology. This system can outperform conventional exam-taking methods and offer a secure test environment.

Honorlock is an online proctoring technology that serves higher education institutions. The service enables live human proctors with artificial intelligence technology to produce the best results. Honorlock is the perfect combination of technology and human proctors. 

Students can take online exams in the comfort of their homes using Honorlock. Moreover, creating an account, installing an extension, downloading software, or scheduling an advance appointment is necessary.

You just need a desktop, webcam, and internet connection to use Honorlock 24×7. If you want to appear in an exam with Honorlock online proctoring service, Google chrome, and chrome web browser extension.

Honorlock is equipped with the current UMD online ID verification and proctoring tool. UMD is used to verify the identity and proctored exams online. It helps educators to conduct Honorlock proctoring online exams smoothly and securely.In case you are facing problems while attending online classes then read our post on how to build an ideal study spot to enjoy all your online sessions. Appear in any Honorlock test and enjoy exam sessions.  

How does Honorlock Works & Maintain Academic Integrity?

Students need to install the Google Chrome Honorlock extension, which is used to monitor examination sessions. Honorlock Chrome extension enables software to access the browser’s function and facilitates online proctoring services.

Also, note instructors or institutions can select a certain feature and enable or disable it for the students during the Honorlock exam. Students don’t need to install any extra app or software unless your institution opts for the Honorlock App Unlock feature.

The software is designed to detect software and secondary devices connected to your computer. This is how Honorlock tracks secondary devices and student behavior to detect Honorlock cheating.

Video, Audio, and Screen Recording

Honorlock Video, Audio, and Screen Recording

Chrome web browser extension, once installed and permissions granted, Honorlock gains access to your webcam, microphone, and computer screen. The software monitors your activities and detects exam cheating using these secondary devices attached to your PC.

Moreover, Honorlock records you through a webcam, and a microphone detects any sound while taking exams. The software also scans the environment around you during the examination session. All these things make it tough to cheat Honorlock.

The abnormalities like prolonged disappearance from the camera immediately flagged and detect academic integrity issues. The live proctor is prompted to review academic honor policy violations. The system of honorlock work is an advanced question. But, before that students often ask ‘ who invented school tests? You can get the complete info here.

Your desktop screen is also recorded during exams to prevent Honorlock hack. It also helps software detect whether you are using virtual machines. That makes it the full-proof remote proctoring service.

Browser Guard

During Honorlock proctors tests, Browser Guard restricts college students from accessing other websites. If students try to search Honorlock answers on nonwhite listed pages, the program will automatically flag them.

However, instructors safelist some websites students can visit and search online resources. Also, exam takers are not allowed to open other tabs while taking the online proctored test. The program automatically closes if found open before the exam.

The Honorlock also disables the copy/paste function to restrict students cheat Honorlock. It also disables the print option or saving pages in the form of PDFs. All these test-taking parameters provide a secure Honorlock proctored examination.

Can Honorlock Detect Cheating?

Can Honorlock Detect Cheating

Honorlock tests create fair exam sessions to maintain academic integrity. It prompts students to demonstrate independent learning skills. Moreover, it restricts academic misconduct for the fair exam session.

Honorlock detects cheating by utilizing proctoring software. It prevents and flag unusual activities during the online proctoring exams. Student’s Honorlock session monitoring is done through artificial intelligence.

Honorlock does webcam and audio analysis and detects whenever academic misconduct occurs. It also monitors the Google Chrome browser to maintain academic integrity. The software only flags suspicious student behavior so that instructors can review it later.

That helps them go through student’s proctoring session and find out whether they cheated or not. At the same time, instructors review students’ Honorlock sessions manually. All these things make it almost impossible to cheat Honorlock.

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How Does Honorlock Detect Other Devices During Exam Session

The Honorlock does not directly detect devices connected to your computer. However, Honorlock hosts websites manually with seeded test questions. It produces sound on the students’ devices when accessed during online proctored exams.

The program claims this system is useful when students use their phones to cheat. Students only get flagged when they try to access seeded questions during online test proctoring. Basic requirements for automated proctoring service:

  • Google Chrome
  • Isolated Exam Environment
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Proper Lighting
  • Identification

How To Cheat On Honorlock

How To Cheat On Honorlock

You must be thinking as Honorlock monitor data and devices connected with the system. It’s impossible to cheat Honorlock. However, there are always some practical ways to defeat technology. Here we will show you how:

Adjust Your Webcam

We know Honorlock monitor specific student behavior and your activity during the exam. However, you can monitor your webcam in a way it won’t capture the cheating activities. You can adjust your camera in a way your tutor can see only below the face. It will help you to go through notes or use a cheat sheet.

Use Virtual Machine

You can always take the assistance of the virtual machine. It will help you bypass all the security measures and computing devices connected. This way, you can easily cheat Honorlock as well as LockDown Browser.

Use Silent Keyboard & Additional Monitor

You can set up the double monitor that allows you to Google answers on another monitor. At the same time, you can provide a solution on the host computer. This way, you can easily fool the Honorlock browser application.

Handy Masking Up

Pandemic has made it mandatory to wear a mask. Wearing a mask help, you connect the other devices like earphones. You can use them to ask for answers from your friends. 

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How Does Honorlock Work on Canvas

Honorlock is online proctoring software that provides secure exams and a learning management system. Honorlock authentication process and services are integrated with Canvas to provide the custom setting.

It increases efficiency while creating online assignments. Honorlock is a browser-based system. That means students don’t need to download additional software to use the program.

Honorlock store student data for exam purposes only and never sell student information. The instructors and institutions can set the data retention periods. That help to secure family educational rights. Also, explore zyBooks Answers for overall academic improvement.

How Can I Get Started Using Honorlock?

Honorlock monitors student-related data during exams. At the same time, protect student privacy by offering secure online exams. You can easily start with Honorlock proctoring exams if your university requests.

  • Your operating system must be windows 10 or above, MacOSX 10.13 or above, and Chrome OS.
  • It functions best on Google Chrome with Honorlock Chrome Extension.
  • Internet speed must be a minimum of 1.5 MBPS (download) and 750 KBPS (upload).
  • A desktop or laptop with webcam, microphone, and speakers.
  • Must provide photo identification proof.
  • You need to disable pop-up blockers as they will interfere with the functioning of the program. However, allow pop-ups within chrome.

These easy steps will help you start using Honorlock. Now you can appear on any proctored tests and create an equitable learning environment.

Does Honorlock Store Student Data?

Yes, Honorlock stores student’s data! All the student data stored in the Honorlock cloud system generated during exams. The program provides encrypted and secured connections during the exams. Honorlock follows every instruction makes online proctoring safe and secure.

The videos and photos captured during the exams are stored on the Honorlock platform. The entire system runs in a secure, private cloud within Amazon’s AWS cloud platform in US data centers. That means don’t worry about the data breach while attending proctoring exams. In addition, learn about Earth Science Topics for comprehensive STEM learning.

Is Someone Actually Watching You On Honorlock?

The answer is NO! As Honorlock never scan or monitor students’ device. It also doesn’t scan home networks or monitor particular student’s data connected to the network. However, the software can detect secondary devices. That includes phones, webcams, etc.

However, it doesn’t happen during online shopping. Your personal or confidential information is secure and safe with the program.

Honorlock uses your webcam to record you during exams. But no one is watching your activities in real-time. The software uses AI technology to monitor student’s data related to the exams. You can ask your instructors for the defined data retention periods. Get the best and accurate Edulastic Answers for better grades.

Does Honorlock know if you use your phone?

Honorlock is a remote proctoring software. Its Honorlock detect phones, tablets, laptops, or desktops used while taking online exams. The modern AI system detects if students try to access phones and search for the Honorlock solutions.

Students’ data during the exam is stored in Honorlock’s private cloud, an isolated storage systems. Encrypted and secured connection protect student information presented in these data centers.


Honorlock offers the safest online proctoring exams. It is equipped with AI technology that detects students’ activities during the exam session. If the software detects anything suspicious, it immediately flags off. Then it sends the information to the instructors for review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cheat with Honorlock?

Honorlock follows strict guidelines to maintain academic integrity. However, modern-day’s students devise various ways to cheat during proctored exams. That implies Honorlock exams are not an exception. The students can easily cheat on Honorlock and pass the tests. 

How does Honorlock search and destroy work on phones?

Honorlock is equipped with the latest AI system. It detects students while trying to access their phones or access test answers during the proctored exams. That means the program can easily detect when you try to use your phones and flag you. That destroys all your efforts of cheating. 

Does Honorlock track eye movement?

Honorlock is loaded with eye-detection services. It monitors how students move their eyes during the proctored tests. AI-enabled technology indicates every minute of eye activities to ensure whether you are cheating or not. That’s why it’s imperative to maintain academic integrity. 

Why do you need to install the Honorlock chrome extension?

You don’t need to install any additional software or apps on your devices. However, you must download and install the Honorlock Google Chrome extension. You need to complete this process once every time you want to take the online test. It helps the software access your devices.

Does Honorlock always record you?

Honorlock identifies when students finish their exams. It is determined when student submit their exam within Blackboard. The moment this happens, the program automatically stops recording. It also means the end of recording webcam, desktop, and audio.

Can student information be sold to third parties if I take an online proctored test?

The answer is No! The College’s agreement with the program does not allow Honorlock to sell student information to third parties. The contract with Honorlock has specific legal requirements for protecting student information. It binds the program to all of the protections supplied by FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

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