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Students are aware of what is McGraw Hill Connect platform, isn’t it! McGraw-Hill Connect is a web-based assessment tool that allows students and teachers to keep track of their progress. The program ensures a secure learning environment for long-term academic performance. So, why do students struggle with the McGraw Hill Connect Answers?

The reason for this is the level of difficulty of the assignments. If students want to get excellent scores with the correct McGraw Hill answers, they must practice frequently. But, owing to other responsibilities such as full or part-time work or correspondence courses, several students fail to devote their time to their studies.

You can go through the blog to learn more on How To Complete Homework On McGraw Hill Connect. But, As said, there is a solution. Students can hire an expert to complete the McGraw assignments. Even you can get help for McGraw Hill Connect homework.

Can An Expert Provide You McGraw Hill Homework Answers?

McGraw Hill Connect Answers

Of course, Yes. By getting a professional, you can be sure of availing good grades. If you ask your friend for McGraw exercise answers, they might solve it. But can they assure you 100% accuracy? Here, a professional does. With the help of expert staff from a reputable firm, students may finally relax. Several online McGraw Hill Connect assignment help agencies provide accurate McGraw assignment answers. Students can get the Big Ideas Math Answers with no hard work at all. Get the answer of how right here.

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

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How Does The Professional Give The Solution To McGraw Hill Connect Homework Questions?

McGraw Hill Connect

Let’s say that getting a McGraw Hill smartbook answer key is not that hard if you hire professional experienced tutors. Follow the blog here to know how to Get McGraw Hill Accounting Answers Online. It doesn’t matter how you send your question to the expert— a PDF or word format; you can get the solution in the following manner.

Let’s look at step by step solutions of McGraw Hill Connect answers hack and understand how much they are experts in handling tricky McGraw Hill questions.

  1. Determine Whether The Number Described Is A Statistic Or A Parameter.

The average GPA of all freshmen at a certain college is 2.88

  1. Parameter
  2. Statistic

Ans. Parameter

A statistic is a number that describes a sample.

A parameter is a number that describes a population.

Since the number comes from a population, the number is a parameter.

  1. Identify The Kind Of Sample That Is Described.

A news reporter at a family amusement park asked a random sample of 20 kids and a random sample of 20 adults about their experience at the park.

The sample is –

  1. Stratified Sample
  2. Systematic
  3. Cluster
  4. Random

Ans. Stratified.

In stratified random sampling, the population is divided up into groups called strata, where the members of each stratum are similar in some way. Then a simple random sample is drawn from each stratum. You may also seek help for McGraw Hill Connect Answers from professionals.

Since the population is divided up into groups and a simple random sample from each group is taken, the sample is a stratified sample. Along with the knowledge of demographics, students must have vivid idea on other online learning facts. 

  1. Identify The Kind Of Sample That Is Described.

A television newscaster invites viewers to tweet their opinions on a proposed bill on immigration policy. More than 50,000 people express their opinions in this way.

The sample is a –

  1. Stratified Sample
  2. Voluntary response sample.
  3. Cluster
  4. Random

Ans. Voluntary response sample.

A voluntary response sample is one in which people are invited to log onto a website, send a text message, or call a phone number, in order to express their opinion on an issue.

Since viewers of the newscast are invited to tweet their opinions on the bill and choose whether to respond, the sample is a voluntary response sample. If you have any doubt, seek help from the assignment experts for McGraw Hill Connect answers.

  1. The Following Bar Graph Presents The Average Amount A U.S. Family Spent, In Dollars, On Various Food Categories In A Recent Year.

The Amount Is In Dollars.

  1. On which category the least money was spent?
  2. True or false: On the average, families spent more on fruits and vegetables than on meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.


  1. Reading the graph thoroughly we can see the least money was spent in

Dairy and Milkmaid which is $250.

  1. False.
  1. A Population Has Mean Μ=26 And Standard Deviation Σ=10

Round The Answers To Two Decimal Places As Needed.

(a) Find the z-score for a population value of -2.

(b) Find the z-score for a population value of 40.

(c) What number has a z-score of -1.1?

Ans.  By definition, let x be a value from a population with mean µ and standard deviation σ. The z-score for x is   .

  1. For the population value -2, 
  2. Similarly, for the population value 40, 
  3. The number z = -1.1 is -1.1 standard deviations below the mean..
  1. For The Data Set: 4 4 24 3 10 5 5 15 8 5 4 11 3 6 14 3 9 6 5 9 3 5 7 3
  1. Find the first and third quartiles
  2. Now Find the IQR
  3. Find the upper and lower outlier boundaries.
  4. List all the values, if any, that are classified as outliers.

Ans. This data problem can be solved using a TI-84 plus calculator by STAT and CALC options. So applying technology,

  1. Q1 is 4 and Q3 is 9.
  2. IQR = Q3 – Q1 =9 – 4 =5
  3. The Lower outlier boundary = Q1 – 1.5IQR = 4 – 1.5 (5) = -3.5

Upper outlier boundary = Q3 +1.5IQR = 9 +1.5(5)  = 16.5

  1. Any data that is less than the lower outlier boundary or greater than the upper outlier boundary is considered to be an outlier.

The outlier is 24.

  1. In A Survey Of 500 Likely Voters In A Certain City, 310 Said That They Planned To Vote To Re-Elect The Incumbent Mayor.
  1. What is the probability that a surveyed voter plans to vote to re-elect the mayor?
  2. Interpret this probability by estimating the percentage of all voters in the city who plan to vote to re-elect the mayor.


  1. The sample space consists of the 500 people surveyed. Of these, 310 said that they plan to vote to re-elect the mayor, so the probability that a person who was surveyed plans to vote to re-elect the mayor is

P(vote to re-elect) = 310/500 = 0.62

So, the probability that a surveyed voter plans to vote to re-elect the mayor is 0.62

  1. To estimate the percentage of all voters in the city who plan to vote to re-elect the incumbent mayor, we multiply the probability found by 100.

Therefore, the estimated percentage of all voters in the city who plan to vote re-elect the mayor is 62%.

  1. A Baseball Pitcher Threw 3844 Pitches During Part Of A Recent Season. Of These, 1853 Were Thrown With No Strikes On The Batter, 876 Were Thrown With One Strike, And 1115 Were Thrown With Two Strikes.
  1. What is the probability that a baseball pitch is thrown with no strikes?
  2. What is the probability that a baseball pitch is thrown with fewer than two strikes?


  1. The sample space consists of 3844 pitches. Of these, 1853 were thrown with no strikes, so the probability that a baseball pitch is thrown with no strikes is

P( a baseball pitch is thrown with no strikes) = 1853/3844 = 0.4820

  1.         The number of pitches thrown with fewer than two strikes is 1853+ 876 = 2729. Therefore, the probability that a baseball is thrown with fewer than two strikes is

P( fewer than two strikes) =2729/3844 = 0.7099

  1. Let V Be The Event That A Computer Contains A Virus, And Let W Be The Event That A Computer Contains A Worm. Suppose P(V) = 0.4 , P(W) = 0.5 , P(V And W) =0.28.
  1. Find the probability that the computer contains either a virus or a worm or both.
  2. Find the probability that the computer does not contain a worm.


We have the General Addition rule  for any two events A and B,

P( A or B) = P(A) +P(B) – P(A and B).

  1. We compute, P(V or W) = P(V) +P(W) –P(V and W)

= 0.4 + 0.5 -0.28

= 0.62

  1. Using the rule of complements,

P(Ac) = 1- P(A)

We compute, P (not W) = P(Wc)

= 1 – P(W)

= 1 – 0.5  = 0.5

  1. On A Recent Saturday, A Total 1473 People Visited A Local Library. Of These People, 233 Were Under Age 10, 462 Were Aged 10-18, 161 Were Aged 19-30, And The Rest Were More Than 30 Years Old. One Person Is Sampled At Random.
  1.   What is the probability that the person is less than 19 years old?
  2.   What is the probability that the person is more than 18 years old?


  1. There are233 +462 = 695 people who were less than 19 years old (out of total 1473 people). Therefore,

P(less than 19 years old) = 695/1473 = 0.4718

  1. There were 161+617 = 778 people who were more than 18 years old. Therefore,

P(more than 18 years old) = 778/1473 = 0.5282


Hence Solved

How To Get McGraw Hill Connect Answers?

Getting a direct answer to the related questions asked in the McGraw Hill platform is now accessible. However, there are alternative ways. The first option is to click the blue show correct answer button on the mcgraw hill portal.

Alternatively, you can put ‘ question help request’. Then you will receive the custom quotes. Here, you can chat with the tutor and choose the right one. They are the experts and can help you in getting correct answers. Refer to these samples for detailed ideas about the MyOpenMath McGraw Hill learning management system and its features.

How To Look At The McGraw Hill Answer Key On The Dashboard?

McGraw Hill Education

Often students inquire about the way to look at the answer key in the dashboard at the portal. Let’s say that the way is not too hard if you follow some process. What is it? Just go through the image above to know more on McGraw Hill Answer Key.

Can A McGraw Hill Education Student Cheat Instead Of Taking Help From Experts?

McGraw hill connect smartbook

Now, it is a common question that students often wonder if they can cheat. It is a fact that students can search for answer keys by subject, book title, or keyword on McGraw Hill Education’s student page. But, such answer keys are for existing assignments. So, they seek to know if there is a way to cheat.

The answer is a big NO. The student cannot cheat on the McGraw online platform since it will monitor attempts to obtain solutions in an unethical way. While taking tests, registered students are not allowed to access another tab. And, why go for a deceptive way if you can hire an expert who offers answer keys as exact to any educator website to any trick McGraw question? Yes, the McGraw Hill Answer Key results by the expert tutors will indeed match the solution to the published textbooks.

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

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Will You Get Any Benefits From The Experts’ Assistance For McGraw Hill Education Answers?

Do you want to score top grades in your McGraw courses? If yes, the expert’s correct McGraw-Hill answer key will let you achieve it without any worries. They are aware of the difficulty level of the course.

Moreover, they offer open chat discussions to know your requirements. Here is the subject on which you will find McGraw Hill answer key grade 6. You can also get McGraw-Hill Connect answers free.

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Connected McGraw Hill answer key Geometry.

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McGraw Hill Connect assignment.

Our experts can handle any assignment for you to offer the correct McGraw Hill Connect subjects solutions. Call for the best McGraw Hill Connect math answer key now.

Final thoughts

We all know this— if there is a problem, there is also a solution. So read the blog here to learn different online class challenges & solutions of completing mcgraw hill assignment. Students should not look for a deceptive method to complete their McGraw courses if they can find other best ways to get McGraw Hill Answer Keys . Yes, the expert always offers an error-free solution. And, it is worth noting that the services are cost-effective. Moreover, the customer support team of a reputable firm is always available to clear your queries. So, feel free to clear your queries about mcgraw hill connect solutions services before hiring the experts.

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How To Cheat McGraw Hill Connect Smartbook?

Cheating is unethical. Thus, students must refrain from this practice. However, there are ways to get answers without cheating. You can now approach expert online assignment helpers. Your online tutors and teachers can also help you get answers on the McGraw Hill Connect smartbook.

2. How To Hack McGraw Hill Connect?

Usually, hacking is not possible on the McGraw Hill Connect platform. It is because the platform uses a strict monitoring system like proctoring software and screen recording. However, you will be able to see the correct answer if you have permission from the instructor. The blue show button is where you must click.

3. How to see correct answers on Connect?

When you submit an assignment, and it’s graded, you will get feedback of each individual question. Reviewing feedback allows you to go through the incorrect McGraw Hill Connect test answers. Click on “View Attempt” to view assignment feedback.

4. Are McGraw-Hill quizzes timed?

Always remember all the McGraw Hill Connect quizzes and exams are timed. You will see the picture of the clock before you open the mcgraw hill connect exam. Once it gets started, you won’t be able to stop it even if you leave the program. Connect with our experts to get the best Connect McGraw Hill answers.

5. Does McGraw-Hill Connect record you?

During all the proctored exams, McGraw Hill uses your webcam to record your activities. The reports are sent to the instructors after the completion of the exam. If your instructor finds anything fishy, you might have to give an explanation.   

6. How to download McGraw Hill eBook as PDF for free?

Yes, you can download content from the McGraw Hill. Select the eBook or the chapter you want to download, then select “download chapter” or “Download Section PDF.” This way, you can download eBooks in the PDF format.

7. Can Connect exams detect cheating?

Modern proctoring exams have made it difficult for the students to perform cheating. The options like – lock browsers, tab locks, and screen recording make it challenging to do any unethical activities. Moreover, your every moment is recorded with a webcam. Anything fishy will be immediately flagged.

8. How much is McGraw-Hill Connect fees?

Connect provides codes so that students access different courses. To buy these codes, the students are required to register for McGraw-Hill Connect and search for the course they were to pursue. McGraw-Hill Connect Pricing ranges from $80 to $155 per course. If you get stuck somewhere, our experts provide you with the correct McGraw Hill Connect answer key.

9. How many students use McGraw-Hill Connect?

More than four million students in the USA and worldwide use McGraw Hill Connect to get quality education. However, many students are unable to provide correct McGraw Hill Connect homework answers, or McGraw Hill Connect answers English. Our experts help you to complete McGraw Hill assignment at affordable rates.

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