Can Moodle detect cheating? The one-word answer to the above question is Yes. The popular learning management system Moodle has many features that enable instructors to detect and deter cheating themselves.

Whether it is about Moodle, inspecting element answers, or plagiarism detection software, Moodle tracks possible cheating behavior and the entire activity.

So, students must be cautious. But on the other hand, there are ways to get answers on Moodle without tampering with academic integrity. Let’s find out all in this informative blog.

What is Moodle? Can Moodle exams detect cheating?

What is Moodle - Can Moodle exams detect cheating

Moodle is among the most popular and best LMSs (learning management systems). Many schools use Moodle to make interactive online learning environment better for students online courses.

Also, it’s free, and the plugins you can add are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, you might have to pay for other learning management systems.

Moodle is an online learning platform where students appear for the examination. If you ask whether students can be caught during the review if they cheat on Moodle Platform, the correct answer is yes.

The students must keep several facts in mind while attending the test. The complex Moodle testing system and the difference between parameter vs statistic are essential.

Addressing the Challenges of Detecting Cheating using Moodle

The best feature of Moodle

Step 1- Authenticating the students

Use multifactor authentication (MFA).

Make use of MFA or multifactor authentication. According to MFA, students must input two or more factors when logging into their Moodle accounts, such as a password and a code from their smartphone. As a result, unauthorized users will find it more challenging to access student accounts.

Students must submit a photo. 

When taking quizzes and exams, mandate that students provide a photo of themselves. This can assist in confirming that the person taking the test and the person enrolled in the course are the same person.

Step 2- Stop students from accessing unlawful resources

Employ a firewall for web applications (WAF). A WAF can block traffic from well-known proxy servers.

Make use of a CDN (content delivery network)

By distributing course materials from several servers throughout the globe, a content delivery network (CDN) increases the difficulty for students to obtain the material using proxy servers.

Employ IP address filtration.

Teachers can prevent IP addresses from accessing their online classes using Moodle. By doing this, known proxy servers can be blocked.

Step 3- Detecting cheating that occurs outside of the Moodle platform:

  • Use plagiarism detection software. Plagiarism detection software can scan student work for plagiarism, even if the work was not submitted through Moodle.
  • Look for unusual patterns of student behavior. For example, if a student suddenly starts progressing rapidly in the course or consistently scores higher than their peers, this could be a sign of cheating.
  • Use Moodle’s reporting tools. Moodle’s reporting tools can provide instructors with insights into student activity, such as how much time students spend on different activities and how they perform on assessments. This information can be used to identify potential cases of cheating.

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How can Moodle detect cheating?

Yes, Moodle detects cheating. There are many ways for universities online education, and learning institutions to find and stop cheating and quality education.

We can list a few courses online classroom where teachers can discover cheaters from our school curriculum on how to stop cheating on online exams.

Let us find out some Moodle test cheating detection methods:

1. By using software like Turnitin to check for plagiarism

Turnitin is a powerful program that can check for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. It is software that contains to see if the work is unique. If it finds duplicate content, it will show it right away.

Once you open it, you can upload your work so it can scan the whole thing. Once you’re done, you’ll get a full report on the original work. The Moodle kit has the entire course materials and other benefits. You must visit the website today.

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2. Using Moodle proctoring tool for tests

Can Moodle detect Cheating? When you take a proctored exam, the proctored software will watch and listen to your webcam, computer desktop, and sound. After using the proctored software to record the data, you will send it to the Moodle cheating detection service so it can be graded.

The camera should still look at the workstation and the exam room. The online testing software will monitor your PC and any other software running while you take your tests. Ultimately, it will use the cloud to send the exam data to your buying software. Also, learn the tips to cheat on MathXL Answers. 

3. By using a browser with a lock

By using a browser with a lock

The lockdown Internet Explorer is a platform that stops people from cheating under Moodle on their exams. You can still use it to ensure the students are who they say they are. It keeps an eye on the testing session by using the webcam.

This software works well to find people who are cheating. Many institutions will use it to monitor candidates who work from home. 

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Moodle’s Limitations in Tracking Students’ Activity


One limitation is that Moodle can only track activity within the Moodle platform. This means that Moodle cannot track activity outside of Moodle, such as students accessing course materials from their devices or collaborating with other students on third-party platforms.

Another area for improvement is that Moodle’s tracking capabilities are only sometimes accurate. For example, if a student opens a Moodle quiz in multiple browser tabs or windows, Moodle may only track the activity in one account or window. If students use a proxy server to access a Moodle quiz cheating however, their activity may be difficult or impossible to follow.

Finally, Moodle’s tracking capabilities can be resource-intensive. This means that Moodle tracking student activity may only be feasible for some courses or institutions.

Here are some specific examples of Moodle’s limitations in tracking students activity:

  • Moodle cannot track students’ time outside the Moodle platform on specific activities.
  • Moodle cannot track how students collaborate on third-party platforms.
  • Moodle’s tracking of quiz activity may not be accurate if students open the quiz in multiple browser tabs or windows or use a proxy server to access Moodle.
  • Tracking all student activity can be resource-intensive for extensive courses or institutions.
  • Moodle track IP addresses.

Despite these limitations, Moodle’s tracking capabilities can be a valuable tool for instructors to monitor student progress and identify potential problems. Instructors can use Moodle’s reports to track student login activity, quiz completion rates, and assignment submission times.

Does Moodle track tabs?

Can Moodle track tabs

The Moodle platform itself can’t tell if you’re switching tabs, but third-party programs can. Moodle often uses “proctoring” to monitor a student’s computer to take an exam or test. So, how do the programs work? It is how the Moodle system works.

Can Moodle detect other tabs? First, you must install a checking browser that monitors the accounts you open and immediately sends a red flag if it sees anything suspicious. One browser that can be used for testing is the Respondus Browser.

Remember that switching tabs during an exam is considered cheating in most schools. If you are called out, the test is canceled, and you get no points.

Top 2 plugins available for Moodle

Plugins for Plagiarism

Detectors of Plagiarism Built-In
There are many anti-plagiarism plugins that you can add to Moodle. You can add the Turnitin plugin to Moodle, for example. Turnitin is a great plagiarism checker that is known all over the world. So, it’s easy for Moodle to tell if you copy and paste from the internet. If it finds plagiarism, it will tell the teacher, and you will get in trouble.

Also, it can show where the content you copied came from. The Turnitin plugin for Moodle also finds cheating when you use short keys like CTRL+V. It also gives both students and teachers reports on plagiarism. It is how a teacher can detect plagiarism with Moodle access.

Plugins for Proctoring

Plugins for Proctoring
Moodle has excellent ways to proctor exams. Teachers use proctoring plugins on final exams to ensure students don’t cheat. The proctored plugins view your webcam, record your actions, and even hear your voice. The data will be collected by the plugin and sent to the proctor for review after the exam. You might have to explain it if it displays an unusual image.

For Moodle, students must install the proctoring software on their PCs or laptops. Before the exam session, the plugin uses a web camera to find your face. So, if someone else tries to take your test, it will show up as cheating if you try to take it yourself. The webcam also looks at your room.

So, if there is any strange movement, it will let the teacher know. If your proctoring software shows signs of cheating behavior, it could get you disqualified or sent to court.

How to hack Moodle while preparing Moodle questions

Your professor lists answers when making Moodle quiz questions, which might make you think of a way to get them faster. This means getting a list of answers by breaking into the Moodle program. The calculated multiple-choice tests can provide maximum marks. But you can get zero defects if you are not successful.

Hacking it will be hazardous and almost impossible, unlike other ways to cheat the Moodle system. Often, if hacks are traced back to you, you might face both academic and legal consequences. Therefore, it’s wise to consider safer alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you cheat on Moodle tests?

Yes, it is possible to cheat on Moodle. But, there are ways in which Moodle prevents cheating. Like any other online study platform, Moodle is also a popular one.

Can Moodle detect copy and paste?

Yes, Moodle can tell when someone copies and pastes. It uses other programs and plugins built into its Platform to do this. Copy-and-paste scanners like Turnitin, CopyCheck, and Plag Scanner can easily find and report how much content is the same.

Can you see answers during a quiz on Moodle with a source code?

No, that can’t happen because the answers come directly from the DBMS and are not stored inside the browser or the HTML pages. You should know the database’s username and password and the server’s username and password. The plagiarism scanning software also detects cheating on Moodle during an online exam.

Can Moodle Quiz detect cheating?

There are ways to hack the Moodle platform to get the quiz answers. Those are teaching materials and collaboration with university online class assignment services.

Can Moodle detect switching tabs?

Moodle can’t tell if you opened other tabs or windows unless it’s monitoring your computer with a proctoring program.

Can Moodle detect screen recording?

No, Moodle’s preliminary version is unable to record your screen. However, adding specific extra plugins and apps will allow teachers to monitor these students’ actions.

Does Moodle detect cheating?

Yes, Moodle tracks cheating. Only if you use other third-party software will tracking be restricted.

How to cheat on Moodle quizzes?

Moodle is an excellent software that can find and prevent cheating while on quizzes and tests. It can do this with tools like the lockdown browser and other platforms. This software will stop the student from copying, printing, or going to the URL without permission.

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