As technology advances and changes the assessment landscape, online exams are now a common feature of the evaluation system. In this blog, we will learn about the reasons for the rise of online exam services and their different aspects in depth. 

What Is Remote Proctoring

It allows students to take digital assessments while being monitored online. It uses exam invigilation software to observe students during the exam.

Institutions can capture audiovisual data and monitor it in real-time via webcams or microphones. Therefore, this can detect suspicious behavior like looking away from the screen or talking to someone. Proctoring systems benefit from AI in analyzing students’ movements and flagging any irregularities. 

Types of Online Exam Proctoring 

Here are some common types of online exam proctoring.

Live Online Proctoring Recorded Proctoring Automated Proctoring
A live proctor invigilates the students on the online platform during the test. However, if a student cheats, the proctor can disable the test immediately. The students' audiovisuals and screen-sharing feeds are recorded throughout the exam. Therefore, the proctors review the recorded test to check for suspicious activities. The automated proctoring system monitors the recorded feeds using advanced analytics to detect suspicious activities.

Benefits of Online Exams 

Below are various benefits of proctored exams you need to look at.


Online exams can be taken from anywhere. However, you need a stable internet connection. However, this makes them more convenient, especially for students who may have other commitments or live far away. 


Online exams are secure compared to traditional exams. Therefore, there are many proctoring software that have features like facial recognition, which verify the student’s identity and prevent cheating. In addition, online proctored exam cheating incidents are scarce in comparison to conventional testing ones.


Proctoring exams can be more cost-effective. Therefore, there is no need to print papers or hire invigilators. 

Timely Feedback

With online proctored exams, students can get results immediately after finishing the exam, allowing them to identify areas for improvement.


Online proctored exams can be more flexible regarding the types and formats of the questions. However, they can include multimedia elements like videos, images, and audio recordings to help students assess whenever they want. 

Factors Affecting The Growth Of Online Exam Market

Several factors affect the growth of the online exam market. Some of them include:

This chart shows the factors that affect the growth of online exam market.

Increased Demand For E-Assessment

The online course offers flexibility to the learners, which is a major reason for the increased demand for online examination platforms. However, educational institutions offer virtual exams so students can learn accordingly. 

High Costs of Assessment Centers

E-exams are a less expensive option, and these exams can be conducted at the student’s convenience at their home. Moreover, it can also monitor the students through screen sharing or webcams. 

Focuses on Student’s Interests

eLearning can be tailored to match the student’s interests, qualifications, and background. Therefore, students can choose the courses that meet their goals and complete them accordingly, which is another critical reason online learning is becoming popular. 

AI-based Solutions

The AI-based solutions provide profitable opportunities that are expected to boost the market’s growth in the future.

Future of Online Proctored Exams

Learn about the future of online proctored exams.<br />

Here are potential developments that could shape the future of online proctoring:

Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Integration

AI and ML are revolutionizing proctoring technology that enables more accurate monitoring of online exams. However, these technologies can detect patterns, such as eye movements, unusual clicks, and suspicious activities.

AI algorithms can also assess the uniqueness of a student’s writing style to detect plagiarism. As the AI and ML landscape advances, the quality of proctoring services will increase.

Advanced Behavior Monitoring And Analysis

Proctoring systems are evolving with basic video monitoring. In addition, behavior monitoring and analysis tools can analyze student actions during exams, including mouse movements and even facial expressions. 

Proctoring systems can examine behavioral patterns to identify signs of stress, distraction, or cheating attempts. However, this analysis provides valuable insights into student engagement.

Record And Review Proctoring Systems

It combines live monitoring with post-exam analysis. In addition, human proctors observe students in real-time during an exam to address any immediate issues. However, the system records the entire exam process, including audio, video, and screen activity.

The recorded data allows educators to review exams, offering a chance to re-evaluate flagged behaviors or potential instances of academic misconduct. However, this combination enhances the accuracy and integrity of the assessment process.  

Market Segment Analysis 

The chart shows the rise of global online exam proctoring market.

Type Insight

The market held the largest revenue share, around 75 percent. The proctors guide the students by verifying their identities and performing environmental security scans. Moreover, unnecessary or prohibited materials should be removed before the online exams begin. 

End-User Insight

The education industry is implementing online proctored exams in different aspects of academics. According to reports, schools and universities account for the largest share, 64 percent of the market. 

Market Opportunities

Artificial Intelligence exudes the need for human proctors and ensures there is no cheating on the exam. In addition, using a webcam monitors the students and warns them if there is any inappropriate behavior. Furthermore, technology is used for online proctoring exams that detect suspicious activities during the exam. 

Trending Technologies In Online Proctoring

Some of the emerging technologies and online exam trends are:  

The image shows trending technologies in online proctoring.

AI and ML

AI and ML work together to monitor the students’ behavior and detect suspicious activity. However, if there is any eye movement or facial expression, it can quickly analyze it. 

Facial Recognition Technology

This technology is essential to verify the test taker’s identity at the beginning of the exam. It also ensures that the same person is taking the exam throughout. However, it can also monitor their facial expressions during the exam and detect signs of distress or anxiety.

Innovative Data Forensics

Data forensics can detect fraudulent behavior using statistical trends and analytic techniques. Further, this might include anomalous testing behaviors that indicate cheating or a breach of an exam. However, it ensures that test security is not compromised in the online environment.

Browser Lockdown Software

Browser lockdown software prevents students from accessing unauthorized websites during the exam. In addition, it can also prevent them from copying and pasting text or taking exam screenshots.

Digital Identity Management

Digital Identity Management establishes, maintains, and guarantees one identity per individual by combining behavior, location, device use, and other data. 

Other digital identifiers include biometric markers like facial recognition, retinal scans, and keystroke analysis. 

Audio and Video Monitoring

Proctored online exam software has audio and video monitoring that monitors the test taker’s environment during the exam. It can help proctors detect suspicious activity or external noises. 

These technologies help ensure the integrity of online exams and assessments. Therefore, they also provide a convenient and flexible way for students and professionals to take tests anywhere globally.


Online exams have become an efficient way to assess candidates’ knowledge. However, it allows flexibility for institutions to create, manage, and evaluate examinees effortlessly. With real-time generation, results can be declared immediately after students complete their tests. 

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