Sunny Yost

Mathematics Expert

Who I am

Hi, I am Sunny Yoast, a math expert with over 16 years of experience in mathematics. A dedicated professional who also works online addressing complex math questions from high schoolers, I love evolving.

Kayleen Lares

My Qualification


I earned a PhD in mathematics from the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with top honors. Since then, my passion for mathematics has seen me dedicate my career to unraveling its mysteries and exploring its myriad applications.

My Expertise


My expertise lies in Computational math, where I have conducted extensive research and published cited papers and articles. Several academic institutions have recognized my work in this area and brought me awards and honours, including the Chauvenet Prize.

My Experience


My experience as a math expert has been rigorous. I have worked in various industries, including data analysis, construction, and finance,  using and honing my skills to solve complex problems and design innovative solutions.


My Publication


Besides my research, I have authored several books, including “Solving Ordinary Differential Equations (Volume I)” and “An Advanced Introduction to Computational Mathematics,” which have been widely adopted as a text book and reference material in several universities and colleges globally.

As a passionate math teacher who mentors graduates and PhDs, I love to inspire and motivate my students to develop a deeper understanding of mathematics and its many real-world applications.

My journey as a math expert has been satisfying, and I am committed to continuing my pursuit of knowledge and innovation in this fascinating field. Infinite possibilities beckon, and I look forward to sharing my expertise and passion with all.