Jacques Pollich

Creative Writing expert

Who I am

Creative writing is not just about putting words on paper but creating a world that readers can’t escape. It is about capturing the reader’s imagination and taking them on a journey worth cherishing. And this is what I try to keep doing better.

I have been writing creatively for as long as I remember. As a kid, I spent countless hours crafting stories and characters I would act out with my friends. Over time, my love of writing intensified.

Jacques Pollich

My Qualification


I pursued my passion by studying English at the University of Pennsylvania. I learned about the intricacies of intelligent storytelling, the subtle art of character development, and the power of words to evoke emotion and create meaning.

My Expertise


Creative writing is about crafting compelling narratives that captivate readers. My careful observations in real life help me create believable characters, build suspense, and create a sense of place that transports readers to another world. Reading helps.

My Experience


After graduating, I embarked on a career as a freelance writer and creative consultant. I have had the rare pleasure of working with a diverse clientele, from publishing houses (Baen Books, Coffee House Press) to advertising agencies (BBDO Worldwide, McCann), helping them surpass their expectations.


My Publications


My publications include several award-winning short stories (Quit When It’s Time) and poetry collections (Life’s Leaves), which have been featured in literary magazines (The New Yorker, The Gettysburg Review) and anthologies (50 Years of the American Short Story). I’ve also authored several books on creative writing, including “Never Say Never” and “The Writer’s Life,” works referenced in creative writing courses globally.

Creative writing is a way of life. I love helping others to hone their craft and bring their stories to life. Whether you have some experience or are just starting, I am here to help you take your writing to the next level.