Is online learning Boon or Bane? Do you all want the answer to this? Don’t worry as I will present some fascinating facts about this. Online education has become demanding post covid. Both the developing and the developed countries have adopted online learning platforms. Due to the pandemic, parents no longer find classroom studies safe. As a result, online classes are the only way to continue studying lessons and stay safe. The platform is a type of transformative creativity that comes with enough flexibility.

Every system comes with some advantages as well as drawbacks. Online education is not an exception. Let us speak about some benefits and challenges of this new system.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of online learning?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

Let us explore some Challenges & Benefits of online learning. You will get a good clarity about the particular method of teaching. Also, you will know about its differences as well.

The Advantages of Online Education

1. Versatile system:

His adaptability is the primary benefit of online education. A student should adjust their study schedule to meet their individual needs. One can study indoors or out, in a room or on the metro. Traveling to a specific get-to-knowledge saves time, energy, and money.

2. Increased subject and course selection:

Through online education, individuals can create a combination of disciplines. They also get independent of the proportion. It is what they need to enroll in that subject.

3. There are no language barriers:

language barriers

Online learning is available in the majority of vernaculars. Thus, language barriers do not exist. One can always learn something new in their native language. They are not required to grasp a specific language to follow the material. Students can read the text or watch a video. It boosts their self-esteem and confidence.

4. Accessibility

If a student has not had time to take notes while studying online, they can permanently save the webpage. Later they can transform it into a file and download it. Once the teacher finishes teaching in traditional classrooms, she wipes it from the board. But, in online learning, one may always refer to past studies by simply pressing on the site history.

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The Difficulties of Online Education

1. Insufficient face-to-face interaction:

When we cannot locate someone to clarify what we see or read, we may misinterpret it. A single punctuation error alters the genuine meaning of the entire text. As the adage goes, half the information is worse than no information. Thus, face-to-face contact is critical for effective learning.

2. Neither discipline nor regularity:

The students are not restricted by the regulations and bounds of a suitable school setting. Thus, it is self-evident that the program will not be followed as intended. They may not examine the materials regularly and may begin to take things for granted. While kids are learning online, there is a significant probability that they may become distracted.

3. Increased rate of dropout:

Students tend to drop out when they do not devote themselves entirely to their courses. Also, sometimes they take them for granted. There will be no mentor to track students’ progress and adequately handle their doubts. They may drop out of classes in places where online learning is unavailable.

4. Technological Challenges:

Technological Challenges

Online education is beneficial only for students who have a stable internet connection. Also, they must have access to devices such as laptops and computers. Without it, students cannot rely on online education.

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How does online learning improve academic performance?

Most of the students find classroom studies boring. It is a primitive practice of imparting education. Since the students lack interest due to learning patterns, their productivity becomes less automatically. On the other hand, an online class is a new learning method. Following are some of the reasons that clarify the improvement of academic performance.

  • Not a forced routine

The online course develops habits in students through experience. Unlike classroom-based classes, it does not force the students to be in a routine. Also, it helps build self-reliance within the students. Since there is no teacher physically, students develop self-discipline.

  • Creative way of learning

Traditional ways of education always have a ‘must do’ situation. Even if the students don’t feel like studying a particular subject, they are bound to do so. But, the online classes are pretty flexible. Also, students can show their creativity in their studies. Students can grasp information with ease.

  • Comfortable environment

Home is the most comfortable place for the students. The students can avail online classes within the homely environment. Unlike the classroom, when students get distracted after prolonged periods, online learning has the advantage. Since they are comfortable, their academic performance is automatically boosted.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is online teaching a boon or curse for students? Why?

Online teaching is a boon with several advantages such as flexibility, home comfort, safety, creativity, etc. But, there are some drawbacks. One of the biggest concerns is the dependency upon technology. Also, the students are entirely staying at home. They don’t get to meet with their friends and be a part of the natural environment. Thus, in such a way, it is a curse.

2. Is online learning good or bad?

Online learning help is an excellent alternative to the classroom environment. But, students learn better when they interact with teachers and classmates physically. But, when they adopt online learning, they become highly accustomed. Thus, online learning is good, but students must occasionally be in a classroom setting and meet everyone physically. Teachers help boost their confidence when they are physically present.

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3. What are the five advantages of online learning?

You will get several advantages of online learning. The top 5 in the list are:

  • It provides the flexibility of learning
  • Students can learn in a comfortable atmosphere
  • Your creative sense gets boosted
  • Learners can learn about the latest technology
  • It opens the door to meeting several other students across the world.


In these tight days, information technologies have emerged as a superpower. We are all house arrestees yet remain connected to the outside world. The pandemic shutdown deprived students of opportunities for study and exploration. Despite this, educational institutions have devised the concept of online classes. Do you still have donuts on- ‘Is online learning a boon or a bane?’ In my opinion, it is a boon. The particular form of learning indeed has some drawbacks. But, both the students and teachers can overcome it gradually. Thus, in my opinion, online learning is not a curse.

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