Have you been thinking “How online class can enhance your learning?” Wel, I have thought about it only when the world shifted to online learning because of the paradigm shift. At first I was unsure and not confident about it. Being a 90s kid I am someone who is habitual  to classroom walls and blackboard! But with the advent of e-learning I had to change myself. 

Now, if you ask me… I will share my experience which may help you!

Revolution of Online Education

When I first tried remote learning, I didn’t think it would change American education so much. New digital classrooms replaced the old school buildings. These weren’t just different; they were better. 

They made learning easy and changed how many of us saw education. Each online class made old-school learning feel more outdated. Being part of this change has been excellent.

My Experience With Digital Classroom

Experience in the digital classroom
I used a virtual learning environment (VLE) while pursuing online studies. And guess what, it amazed me. Following are the experiences I am sharing:

  • Engaging Interactions: I was drawn into vibrant interactive lessons that challenged my preconceived notions about e-learning.
  • A Personal Touch: The lessons weren’t just engaging, they were personalized to my learning needs.

A study showed that 65% of students believe personalized learning helps them understand better. This shift from traditional methods to a digital classroom was a game-changer, offering experiences I’d never imagined possible in a typical class setting.

Discoveries That Transformed My Learning Perspective

How online education in the USA transformed learning
  • Own Learning Environment: With remote learning, I wasn’t confined to a desk in a crowded room. Instead, I chose cozy nooks at home, bustling coffee shops, or even quiet libraries as my classroom.
  • Balancing Act: Online classes seamlessly fit into my routine. I was juggling a part-time job, family commitments, and my hobbies. But, even then, diving into subjects of interest became a breeze.
  • Tailored to Me: E-learning platforms astounded me with their ability to customize the content as per individual needs. I was no longer just another student in the class; I was the class.
  • A Step Ahead with Adaptive Learning: The lessons I engaged with evolved based on my performance. Need help with a concept? The platform provided additional resources. Have I mastered a topic quickly? It pushed me further, enhancing my understanding.
  • Interactive Lessons: Gone were the monotonous lectures. Now, every lesson was an interactive session, boosting engagement and retention.

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My Personal Take On Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous Learning

Know about Synchronous vs Asynchronous Learning

When I first ventured into online learning, I stumbled upon two intriguing terms: synchronous and asynchronous learning. But what did they mean? Let’s find it out.

Synchronous Learning:

Synchronous learning is like having a real-time class session but online. Everyone logs in and interacts at the exact moment, just like they would in a physical classroom.

Key Features of Synchronous Learning:

  • Real-time Interaction: Educators and students are online simultaneously for instant communication.
  • Scheduled Sessions: Classes are pre-set, and participants log in at specified times.
  • Live Assessments: Exams occur in real-time, often timed and monitored.
  • Tools Used: Platforms include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Pros: Instant feedback, structured environment, real-time Q&A.

Cons: Less flexibility, potential scheduling issues for global students or those with other commitments.

Asynchronous Learning:

Asynchronous learning is a more flexible format where learners do not need to be online simultaneously as the instructor or fellow learners.

Key Features of Asynchronous Learning:

  • Self-paced: Materials and exams are accessed according to the student’s schedule.
  • Varied Content Formats: Includes pre-recorded lectures, readings, and assignments.
  • Extended Access: Students can revisit course materials anytime.
  • Tools Used: Platforms include Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard.

Pros: High flexibility, suitable for various learning styles, and allows content revisits.

Cons: Possible feelings of isolation, delayed feedback, and demands for more self-discipline.

So, Synchronous Learning gave me a structured class with real-time chats, while Asynchronous Learning gave me the freedom to learn when I wanted but needed to be more self-disciplined. Both types had good and bad points and shaped how I learned online.

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Online classes have transformed my educational journey, changing my initial skepticism into a full-fledged endorsement of e-learning. From the flexibility of learning environments to personalized content, my experiences with online education have been truly enriching. 

Once unfamiliar to me, online learning is now my favorite way to study. It lets me fit lessons around my schedule and gives me an education that suits my needs.

But, making online classes more engaging is not just the responsibility of educators but also of learners. We can create a dynamic and interactive virtual learning environment that rivals traditional classroom experiences.

I recommend everyone to try online classes – you may be amazed at how much you can learn and improve. Let go of your preconceived notions and dive into online education to unlock your full learning potential. Trust me; it’s worth it!

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