Making Online Classes More Engaging: Role of Tutors and Class Help

Making Online Classes More Engaging: Role of Tutors and Class Help

jody macia
Jody Macias
October 6, 2023

Summery: Online education poses challenges yet offers opportunities for innovation. By leveraging tools and strategies, ... educators can make virtual classes as engaging as traditional ones. With dedication, the future of online learning looks bright.

As a teacher, I aim to ‘making online classes more engaging.’ First and foremost, I’ve seen how leveraging interactive platforms can transform a classroom. Instead of passively listening, students actively participate, turning class time into a dynamic experience. And yes, tools like breakout rooms in platforms like Zoom have been game-changers. With these rooms, students can have smaller, focused discussions, promoting peer-to-peer interaction. The Future of Online Learning: Innovation, Engagement, Accessibility, and Personalization for Enhanced Education. 

In practice, I’ve found that gamification really boosts participation. By introducing games and rewards, students become more invested. Similarly, using polling and surveys keeps everyone on their toes, allowing for instant feedback. But it’s not just about quizzes. Visual aids, like simple infographics or short videos, can often explain concepts clearer than words alone.

Another crucial strategy is integrating asynchronous learning. This allows students to learn at their own pace, breaking away from the constraints of synchronized schedules. And when students are ready, hands-on projects bring lessons to life. Creating something tangible or solving real-world problems ensures active learning and cements understanding.

Speaking of real-world applications, I always strive to make lessons relevant. When students see the direct application of their learning, their motivation soars. Additionally, I’ve been dabbling in microlearning. Instead of long lectures, breaking topics into bite-sized lessons has proven effective.

Narrative-driven content has also shown promise. When there’s a story or a relatable scenario, students naturally want to know what happens next. This narrative pull can be powerful. And for those truly immersive experiences, I’ve started exploring Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). While still in their early stages of education, these technologies offer unparalleled ways to dive into topics.

Finally, I urge students to express their thoughts and inquiries on discussion boards. This platform serves as a space for everyone to exchange ideas, acquire knowledge, and develop together, nurturing a strong sense of community.

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Blending Worlds: A Hybrid Approach to Online Learning
  • Interactive Tools and Platforms

Utilize platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or other e-learning platforms that have built-in tools for interaction, such as breakout rooms, polls, and Q&A features.

  • Engaging Visuals

Use slides with minimal text, compelling images, infographics, and videos. Tools like Canva, Prezi, and Piktochart can help.

  • Frequent Breaks

Incorporate short breaks to avoid Zoom fatigue or screen burnout, especially during longer sessions.

  • Gamify Learning

Use platforms like Kahoot!, Quizlet, and Gimkit to create engaging quizzes and games.

  • Group Work
Group Work

Use breakout rooms for group discussions, projects, or peer reviews. This can promote more intimate and focused conversations among students.

  • Student-led Activities

Allow students to lead specific topics or discussions. This empowers them and can also bring fresh perspectives to the virtual classroom.

  • Feedback Loops

Regularly solicit feedback from students about the online learning experience and be willing to adjust based on their input.

  • Guest Speakers

Inviting experts or guest speakers for specific topics can add variety and a fresh voice to the virtual classroom.

  • Hands-on Activities

Even if it’s online, students can still do experiments, crafts, or activities at home while being guided by the instructor.

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  • Real-world Applications
Real-world Applications</p>

Connect lessons to current events or real-world applications to make them more relevant and engaging.

  • Dynamic Discussions

Use open-ended questions, debates, and scenarios to facilitate deep discussions.

  • Variety in Content Delivery

Switch between videos, readings, live lectures, and interactive activities. This can cater to different learning styles and keep students engaged.

  • Use of Multimedia

Incorporate videos, podcasts, animations, or simulations to explain complex topics.

  • Prompt Feedback

Provide timely feedback on assignments, quizzes, and exams so students can quickly adjust and learn from their mistakes.

  • Community Building
Community Building</p>

Create a sense of community by starting each session with icebreakers or having regular check-ins. This can make students feel more connected in the online setting.

  • Flexible Office Hours

Offer varied times for virtual office hours to cater to students in different time zones or with varying schedules.

  • Clear Expectations

Clearly communicate expectations, assignments, and grading criteria. This reduces anxiety and helps students focus on learning.

  • Hybrid Model

Consider a blend of online and face-to-face interactions, even if it means occasional meet-ups or group activities.

  • Engage in Professional Development

Participate in online teaching workshops or courses to stay updated with the latest strategies and tools for online education.

Doing so not only sharpens your skills but also ensures you make a good impression in an online course by being well-prepared and informed.

  • Encourage Student Ownership
Encourage Student Ownership

Allow students to choose projects, topics of interest, or even the direction of certain classes.

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In wrapping up, the landscape of online education challenges us, but it also paves the way for innovation. As educators, we have many tools and strategies at our fingertips. We can turn the virtual classroom into a hub of engagement and active learning by embracing these methods. 


It’s essential to remember that while technology provides the platform, the effort, adaptation, and dedication we bring truly ignite a student’s passion for learning. With each passing day, as I harness these tools and approaches, I’m confident in our collective ability to reshape the future of online education, making it as vibrant and impactful as any traditional setting.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I maintain consistent student participation in online classes?

  • Incorporate student accountability measures.
  • Introduce class participation grades.
  • Use random call-out methods to encourage everyone to stay attentive.

2. How can I address the technological challenges students may face in online learning?

  • Offer basic tech tutorials at the start of courses.
  • Provide a list of minimum tech requirements before the period begins.
  • Have a tech support contact or forum for students to seek help.

3. What methods can I use to address the diverse learning styles online?

  • Incorporate varied assessment methods, from written assignments to oral presentations.
  • Provide resources in multiple formats: text, audio, and visual.
  • Offer optional supplemental resources for those who want to explore topics in depth.

4. How can I foster a sense of classroom community in a virtual environment?

  • Organize virtual “get to know each other” sessions or introductions.
  • Create a shared online space (like a forum) for casual discussions or sharing.
  • Encourage collaborative assignments where students must work together.

5. Are there strategies to address time zone differences in synchronous online classes?

  • Rotate class timings if feasible to cater to different zones.
  • Record live sessions for those who can’t attend in real time.
  • Schedule group activities based on regional time zones, grouping students from similar areas together.

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