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This blog will tell you all about the hidden features of My IT Lab, so you can become a pro at using this program!

My IT Lab is an educational software program designed by Pearson to help students learn essential computer skills. In the Information Age, being digitally literate and skilled in using computers is indispensable. That’s why Pearson created My IT Lab to teach students these critical skills through a user friendly and easy to use medium.

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However, as the fame of this software grows, a lot of teachers neglect to teach the students about some of the beneficial features that can help a student vastly. This way, the student doesn’t end up learning some of the hacks this software provides to increase their learning potential. So, here are some lesser-known features of MyITLAB, that both students and teachers alike will find useful to increase the efficiency of education-

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  • My IT Lab Badging

    – The Pearson My IT Lab badging feature is an achievement system through which students can complete courses and earn badges certifying their competence in Microsoft Office and overall digital literacy – which are the most in-demand skills that almost all employers demand these days, at every level of employment. The badges can even be shared on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media as well as your online portfolio to help you make real connections and prove your employability to hirers. A My It Lab badge is earned by scoring 90% or higher on a Capstone Grader Project that has been assigned. The benefits of the badge are not just ephemeral, as obtaining a badge also nets you a 30% discount voucher on MOS or IC3 certifications! Earning a badge just became a powerful tool to improve your career prospects!

  • Real-Time Labor Market Insights

    – After earning a badge on My IT Lab, students can access a Real-Time Labor Market Tracker powered by Acclaim. This allows you to view and apply for jobs which require the skills you just learnt (represented by the badges you earn). You can also look at the top employers and locations looking for a particular expertise, as well as related certifications, skills, and even salary range estimates! This makes it very easy to monetize your newly acquired skills straightforwardly.

  • Pearson EText

    – The EText feature lets you highlight and take notes in one place through your computer or the mobile app – and it even works when you’re offline! It is a user friendly and easy to use personalized reading experience, which is available within My IT Lab. It also lets you seamlessly integrate rich media and videos so you can access all the notes and references in one place!

  • Project Creation Tool

    – This is an awesome and handy tool which comes as part of the Pearson My IT Lab package. It lets teachers to custom create projects for students from the ground-up, or edit already existing projects. Then, after completion by the student, they will be graded automatically by the My IT Lab Grader Engine (see above). The instructor has complete control over the final project, and they choose both the method of instruction, as well as the various skills covered in the project. 

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

    – Learning Management System (LMS) integration is a powerful feature that lets you link various other learning apps and programs such as Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace by D2L and Blackboard Learn to your My IT Lab. This way, you can access all your MyITLAB homework answers assignments, learning resources, timetables and rosters, as well as synchronize grades all in one space! This is a tremendous help for students that lets them use myriad personalized resources and tools with a single sign-in!

  • Pearson Inclusive Access Model

    – This feature is handy to help students get their MyITLAB homework answers because it provides them with pocket-friendly and high-quality digital course material well before the first day of class. The benefits of this are manifold. Not only do less well off students gain access to good quality course reference material, but the teachers also don’t lose any teaching time as all students are prepared with the course material on Day 1. This helps them in submitting their MyITLAB homework answers. 

  • A Powerful Homework and Test Manager

    – The Pearson My IT Lab software suite also comes with an extremely powerful and capable homework and test manager which lets people import, create as well as manage their online MyITLAB homework answers, assignments, quizzes, and the program automatically grades them! A wide range of assignment settings (which include time limits, the maximum number of allowed attempts and proctoring) are available to control and regulate the submission of the student’s MyITLAB homework answers. The end result is that a lot less time is spent grading, and a lot more time spent teaching – this is a real boon for efficiency!

  • Comprehensive Online Course Content

    – My IT Lab is filled with a veritable treasure of reference and content that is fully integrated with your textbook. The My Lab platform enables you to very easily add, remove and modify the currently existing instructional material. It also lets teachers add their own custom course content to match the needs of the students. This makes for a powerful custom textbook editor that enables the teacher to modify the material to match their teaching style and student’s requirements. 

  • Robust Gradebook Tracking

    – The My IT Lab homework answers grade book is a nifty way to let both teachers and students see their course performance. It has myriad sub-features such as Item Analysis (which allows you to view and analyze trends by tracking details such as the number of students who answered correctly or incorrectly or who submitted the assignment on time). It also connects with the AACSB standards, which lets students track their progress towards outcomes that are important in moulding students to be leaders and innovators. This data-driven approach to education increases efficiency and results manifold. 

  • Easily Scalable and Shareable Content

    – My IT Lab brings the philosophy of mass production to education! The digital nature of the service lets teachers manage multiple class sections, and also allows other fellow instructors to copy their settings so that a standardized syllabus is maintained across the department/batch. The same My IT Lab course can also be used in the next semester! This makes it easy to check the Pearson MyITLAB answers that students submit as they are all standardized and shared across the student body. 

  • Student Action Visualization

    – Student Action Visualization is an essential feature of the Pearson educational experience. After submitting their MyITLAB homework answers, students and teachers alike can use Student Action Visualization to playback the various steps they took to complete the simulation. This lets them see the points where they answered correctly or wrongly, to help them learn from their mistakes. This feature functions like a MyITLAB answers cheat, as it shows the students the answers, but still makes them learn too!

  • Multimedia Learning Aids

     – We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words – and Pearson has taken that to heart! To help students understand topics and concepts better, there is a wide variety of multimedia study material in the form of text, images, diagrams, videos, and even practise games! These are all integrated directly in the simulation, so students can also learn while doing their assignments!

  • My IT Lab Virtual Keyboard

    – We all know that there are big compatibility problems between Windows and Apple Mac’s OSX, one of the most significant issues being the keyboard. Luckily, Pearson has kept this in mind and included a virtual keyboard to make sure that even Mac users can complete their simulations, and submit their MyITLAB homework answers as fast and efficiently as a Windows user. 

  • Embedded Accessibility Toolbar

    – Many times, the disabled and less lucky sections of our society are often overlooked despite their unique needs. This makes it tough for them to submit their MyITLAB Excel exam answers or their MyITLAB Excel grader project answers. However, Pearson has given them a thought and embedded an accessibility toolbar in the simulations which improves accessibility for the students who have disabilities, including offering text-to-speech functionality. This makes it easier for them to submit their MyITLAB homework answers. 

Hopefully, this blog proved to be a useful source of information on the ins and outs of Pearsons MyITLAB. A student who uses all these features to their fullest will inevitably become highly competent in the field of computers. However, for those still struggling with their MyITLAB homework answers, you can take online class help to give you a leg up!

Thank you for reading this blog, and we hope you found it useful and interesting. Stay tuned for more helpful blogs for students, uploaded regularly!

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

Best Solution Is A Click Away