The average college student spends over 10 hours a day on their phone, watching TV, or playing video games. They also spend around 8 hours each day sleeping. The only time they have left to study is during the 2-3 hours of class and then the 5-6 hours of homework. 

This leaves students with less than 7 total workable hours for homework per day, making it hard to focus! Here are some straightforward and practical strategies that will help you understand how to focus on homework to do your best in school.

Why is staying focused on homework difficult?

The first reason why it can be difficult to find the answer to how to focus better on homework is that other activities often tempt students. 

This includes things like social media, video games, and TV shows. In fact, the average college-goer spends over ten hours a day on their phone! The second reason for the difficulty in focusing is distractions caused by classmates or roommates.

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What are some simple and effective strategies to stay focused?

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To stay focused on homework, it’s important to create a distraction-free environment, make a study plan, and be more comfortable. This means shutting off your phone and using headphones if you need music or podcasts for studying.

It might also be helpful to turn down the lights in your room so that it is less stimulating. Finally, talk to more experienced people to get a crucial subject like physics homework help.

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 Here are some more strategies discussed elaborately.

1. Identify what distracts you and where it is located.

Why can’t I focus on homework properly? What distracts me from learning?

Identifying what turns your attention away from homework is an essential first step to understanding the problem and improving your focus on doing homework.

While there are many environmental distractions in the digital age, these types of distractions- one on the rise- are one of the worst.

The first step to achieving better concentration is examining your online behavior.

2. Only use technology when you need to find focus.

How much time do you use checking social media each day? Have you ever counted how many hours of productivity are lost to the distractions created by social media in a given week?

After shutting down your phone, your thoughts are still living in the past and distracted by what notifications you see.When it comes to your attention, technology is more of a distraction than anything else. Hence it is advisable to use it only when you are not trying to focus on reading.

3. Develop a Study Plan

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Staying on top of your studies is challenging without proper planning. Students always have significant issues managing their time with plenty to do each day. As it’s among the most valuable commodities in the world, you should make use of it wisely.

There are many new tools available to manage your time and keep on top of homework. Downloading and setting up the homework software you choose will be easy, but it helps to make a timeline in your mind to keep focused.

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4. Develop an environment that fosters creativity and productivity

While the idea of studying anywhere seems like a plus, it can’t work. If you learn in bed when others are doing something in the living room or have your laptop with you, but not everyone has one with them, focusing will be difficult.

The perfect place to do your homework is in a private space that’s comfortably arranged, spotless, and well-lit.

One study found that productivity increased by 12% when students were in a brightly lit room. And while it might seem counterintuitive, other studies have shown that noise is helpful to focus on homework! It indicates you can listen to music or turn your TV on low if it helps with concentration.

5. Do not eat a heavy meal every time

It is essential for your health to eat a balanced diet, and if you are also trying to focus on homework, it can be challenging.

Overeating makes concentration harder because the body has less blood flow available and more digestive juices to get rid of food that’s not necessary at this time.

Also, when you are not hungry, the temptation to eat is much lower- which means less struggling with yourself and more focus on your homework.

Sometimes it’s best if you study for a few hours before eating so that your body starts producing serotonin in order to feel satisfied after such an effort.

This will make concentration harder as well because of these complicated mechanisms.

6. Make use of apps and tools

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If you’re having a hard hour keeping up, try setting up a planner or calendar to monitor the learning process. Knowing the deadlines and timeline will help when it comes to homework, guaranteeing you’ll get great grades in the end.

To make homework easier, you might consider searching for the best trackers and planners via our Android and AppStore.

Fortunately, there are multiple apps and tools that can help you with the question of how to do homework. One such app is Wikidroid- an easy-to-use mobile solution for students who want a personalized timetable for their studies.

Wikidroid lets you create customized timetables available on both your phone and the web. The synchronization is automatic, so it’s always up to date.

7. Set deadlines for homework

Set a specific time to do homework per day or week. This will allow your child/student the opportunity to work efficiently and plan a realistic amount of work without feeling overwhelmed.

Even if you have an already fixed deadline by your teacher, set earlier ones yourself.

The following strategies help you develop discipline, learn to concentrate on your homework and prioritize your day. If you find it impossible to finish your assigned task in time, talk to the experts for your math homework help.

8. Move around or stretch while you work.

Science proves that movement enhances learning and thinking. When you remain still for too long, it is easy to become restless or distracted. 

Breaking up your tasks by regularly getting up, stretching, or doing jumping jacks or a run in place will enable you to maintain concentration on what needs to be done. Fidgeting while you work can help keep your focus high.

It is vital to move the body to prevent it from tensing up.

Do not worry about what others think! Research shows that they will be in a much more negative state if you are fidgeting than sitting still and concentrating on your homework.

9. Hire experts for your assignments

Hire experts for your assignments

Sometimes it’s just easy to do everything from scratch, and in order to find time for other things, it can be a good idea to hire experts for your question answers homework help.

It is effortless nowadays- you only need to browse the web or go on a particular homework help company to contact professionals with your chemistry homework help or calculus homework help and learn more about the service.

This way, you can work on your homework with peace of mind, knowing that the professionals will take care of it for you- they know how to do everything and are more experienced in this field than most people!

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10.  Reward yourself for completing work

Rewards are very important to concentrate on homework. You need something that will make you happy when all your hard work pays off, and it is essential for the mind not to break!

The best way to do this is by rewarding yourself every time you finish a task- take a short break, eat chocolate or ice cream, read a book, or do something you enjoy. You can also think of a reward for the day’s work, such as going out with friends after school or watching TV before bedtime.

In conclusion, keep these simple tips in mind while working on homework so that you can learn how to focus on school work and get it done in time. For more of such expert tips read how to focus on studying.

These pieces of advice should help you maintain your focus and find success in your homework. Good luck!

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