Have you taken up that distinctive academic/technical course, which is going to give your career the real-time ‘U’ turn? Well, then accomplishing nothing less than an A (&A+) consistently throughout the course has to be your core goal.

Thinking such continuity is something ‘mammoth’ to achieve? Not when you take a smart approach to studies. And what is that? Banking upon the resourcefulness of online learning platforms spread across the World Wide Web.

Need some concrete facts to believe this last statement? And you should- when it is the question of your career.

So, here come the top 8 statistics highlighting e-learning’s essential effectiveness :

  • About 43% of college students in America prefer digital materials for successfully finishing their own homework. (Statista, August 2016)
  • As for gaining better grades, more than 81% of U.S higher-studies students depend highly upon academic resources available online. (Statista, 2016)
  • Around 72% of career-focused people count the guidance and training available on the web most rewarding. (
  • In a virtual learning environment, learners grasp 5X more of the curriculum – in lesser time than would have been at a physical classroom. (IBM Survey)
  • When given an option within actual academic assistance and its digital alternative – over 60% of students readily select the latter one.
  • Student retention rate ‘hikes’ from 25% to 60%, when learning progresses via e-guidance. (Research Institute of America)
  • For each dollar invested over any digital academic ‘stuff’, $30 ROI is bound to come. (IBM Survey)
  • In the sphere of corporate learning and training, over 72% of renowned firms vote for the online supports available for employees to earn a competitive edge in their respective fields. (CertifyMe.Net)

Is your trust over digital learning guide(s) building up? However, now comes another vital aspect to focus on – selecting an academic help portal that suits best for you, a first-timer.

What? Just Googling “top online learning platforms “will get this task done? But what if even after ‘landing’ at a star-rated one, you experience nothing but inconvenience and confusion? Not at all desirable, right?

Then, learn about some fundamental ‘do’ to follow and access such a platform, which not only fulfills all your requisites (to ultimately get an ‘A’/’A+’ of course!), but even appears custom-made for you.

Best Online Learning Platforms

Pull your attention now:

#1) Always Choose A Cloud-Based One

It is highly unlikely that you will only reach out to the platform only from the home computer. And, if it got to be your prime aid  in studies, then it must be available anytime and from every device, correct?

For these reasons, think wise and opt for a platform built upon the ‘cloud.’ You not only prevent the chore of installing additional software in your own PC but also secure the platform’s accessibility from whether laptop/tablet/smartphone or I-pad.

And also, gain cloud computing’s most vital benefits like-

  • Synchronized record of your each and all activities
  • Networked data backup in times of unpredictable hardware malfunctioning
  • Evolved Uptime
  • Instant and flawless functioning via any prevalent web browser – be it Chrome or Mozilla or Safari (both Mac & iOS)

In fact, for the millennial students, who prefer ‘on-the-go’ and dynamic-style learning, cloud-based assistance is the ultimate one to have. As many of them voice out, such resources allow them to study by the time and pattern of their own choice.

No wondering about the prediction of 2022, when educational organizations are to spend about $3.2 billion over the cloud technology. (Ovum)

Nevertheless, while deciding upon a cloud learning portal, better to make sure that –

  • The platform’s all included plug-ins & tools work in the cloud correctly
  • All types of media files and interactive training modules provided open at every browser the portal is claimed to be compatible with
  • There is scope for a Trial Run over the browser (s)you avail the most

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

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# 2 Are Asynchronous and Synchronous Both Present?

One of the prime reasons learners prefer online learning platforms is because those allow them to:

Completely resort to self-learning and individualistic R&D as and when wished for

and at the same time,

Interact with peers and guides in a virtually ‘live’ ambiance to stay up-to-date

And how do all such emerge as possible? When a guiding portal provides for both asynchronous and synchronous formats of training. Now, what are these? Well, by the most specific of senses –

Asynchronous style of guidance offers you:

Materials through age-old CD-ROMs, more developed Reference Links, E-books. And the options to post comment/question in the portal’s discussion forum, access its news boards, and e-mail instructors whenever you find it convenient.

In brief, every facility of online studying – while not being ‘live.’

Per pro academicians, this especially turns out profitable for students, who by nature are shy and don’t like mixing much. And also, when examinations are ‘head-over-heels’ and you need to study in an absolute ‘secluded’ manner.

While Synchronous form of assistance caters with:

Scope to participate in live chats with teachers and fellow learners (members of the same portal) and access virtual ‘on-session’ classrooms and ‘streaming’ training programs during a scheduled day and time of every week or month.

Over the years, it has emerged as the most effective medium for students to broaden their peer base across the borders. And thus stay alert over any news, opportunity, or development surrounding their course.

Moreover, it possesses the benefit of getting ‘face-to-face’ with renowned faculties and thereby have the apt-est answer/solution for a question/doubt.

What’s even better? The rule of participating at a particular time and date keeps ‘alive’ the regular classroom habit of students and results in they ‘staying’ within a not random but definite study routine.

A digital whiteboard often accompanies synchronous training – thus narrowing down more the difference between actual and ‘e’ classes – for teachers to clarify and students to grasp as well.

And communications are carried out mostly by prevalent networks of Skype, Video Conferencing, Voice Calls, and Hangout. So, you do not need availing any special or premium technology to utilize synchronous guidance. Thus, communication is one of the major factors for online college vs traditional college debate.

Therefore, for the overall betterment of own learning journey only, go for a help portal that serves with ‘AS’ & ‘S’ – including their every single feature. Only choosing a better online platform is not enough, if you don’t have any plan to overcome e-learning challenges. Go through our blog on 5 Strategies to Follow for a Better Online Learning Experience!

# 3 Gain Good Idea About The Content

What’s the sole reason you desire to secure an ‘A’/ ‘A+’ at every stage of the enrolled-at course? To eventually surpass contemporaries in the work spectrum. Then, it is imperative that the guidance platform you bank upon retains:

  • Rich library of academically valuable materials
  • An updated archive of newsletters, magazines and other resources about the practical ‘know-how’, ‘how-to-s’ and tactics relevant for succeeding and progressing while in job
  • Savviness over the subject’s theoretical texture and realistic dynamics– Yes, that one best practice for an assistance portal to follow and guide learners through.

Along with this, check –

  • Every video, feed, and podcasts come in short durations of 120 – 180 (maximum) seconds. Trust experts! Such contents eventually entail in a greater rate of completion, higher engagement ratio, and enhanced understanding –from a student’s side
  • More visuals are ‘in play’ as instructors explain a topic or idea or present a rigorous analysis than ‘overload’ of texts, as per a SH!FT (disruptive e-learning portal) research, images, and graphics used in learning –Settle best in a learner’s long-term memory
  • Evolves the one’s ability to understand
  • Encourages the one over the curriculum -no matter how complex or boring that appear
  • Each bit and type of content available is configured to best for mobile devices. You surely fall within those 46% of learners who find it ‘so comfy’ to access e-learning while lying during the night, don’t you?
  • On request, contents can be made available in the ‘drip-feed’ style. This pattern presents them in an indexed format highlighting the most vital syllabus parts to learn at a definite stage of your course
  • All materials/models shown are fit for ready and adept application in the business/corporate world

# 4 How Much Quality Is the Support System?

A key factor that builds or breaks the reputation of the online learning platforms. When you are determining to spend time and money upon a guidance portal, you not only think about accessing the resources there, right?

You expect it to meet your any and every need related to studies and be your most valued accomplice. And so, does each student around the world who banks upon one.

Thereby, such a platform must maintain a up-scale support network, which includes:

  • 24*7 active help desk with smart executives to answer; as for information the distinguished learning platform of sets one fine example to this end
  • Facility for students to schedule a personal discussion with one teacher of choice
  • Informing all learner members about important news/date, any unfinished project, or non-retrieved assignments of theirs through both IMs and automated e-mails. The portal must ‘care’ about you
  • Feature of a well-standard chat forum that permits –
  • Teacher: student, student: student & student: teacher: student forms of interaction
  • Choice of creating threaded discussions and private groups within learners
  • Advanced ways to quickly search through the entire site database via specific terms, questions or keywords
  • Option for students to provide feedback over a particular content/ study session or interaction with an instructor
  • Maintenance of standardized metrics, which showcases –
  • The most and least availed/preferred study materials
  • Bounce rate and engagement ratio of video contents
  • Active user participation at certain ‘live’ classes and instruction courses
  • Chat room activities (students’ endeavor to start a discussion, numbers of ‘talks’ initiated, finished or left open, percentage of regularly active members)

# 5 Confirm About Technical Convenience

Once ascertaining the above 4 factors, you will wish to ‘plunge’ directly into the valuable resources and training features ‘treasured’ by the portal, correct?

How will it appear if, on that very moment, you find that the platform’s very UI and other functionalities are looking way-too complex for browsing through? Most unexpected, surely?

Therein, before taking the final leap to the decision, gain guarantee that –

  • The User Interface is simple enough to understand instantly, but again smart enough to enjoy
  • Files available open or can be downloaded in the conventional Doc, JPG, VLC formats
  • Call to Action tabs are easy to spot and function at a single touch; likewise, forms are crystal-clear to interpret and work perfectly at phones
  • File sharing and upload are instant and are accredited to follow standard data safety rules
  • From any page or archive, ‘redirects’ are possible
  • No extra/special OS configuration is required; no page speed varies in relation to the device
  • Payments are accepted via known gateways and mediums (Visa, Net Banking, Credit Cards) only
  • Chat-bots, if included, provide the same functionality upon every gadget

Love what you learn and rule with your learning!

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Curriculum Is A Confusion?

Best Solution Is A Click Away

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