Are you searching for the calculus cheat sheet? The term cheat sheet is quite popular as it is often taught in school and college to catch students doing malpractices. Students carry micro photocopies of the contents they wish to deliver in exam papers. Similarly, the calculus cheat sheet is all about the concise set of calculus formulas or sums. Students must know the procedure of mathematics before attempting the question. Thus, some of the students carry formula sheet for calculus to the examination hall.

What is calculus?

Calculus is the name of a specific mathematical branch that deals in changes that too in a continuous fashion. You will find two significant concepts of calculus, namely the derivatives and integrals. Don’t know what counterargument is, you can keep reading this article to know more.

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Derivatives are a function in calculus that deals with the rate of change. Also, with the help of derivatives one can get the explanation of the function and that too at a particular point. The following calculus derivatives cheat sheet will be useful.


If y = f x( ) then the derivative is defined to be ( ) ( ) ( ) 0 lim h f x h f x f x Æ h + – ¢ = .

If y = f x( ) then all of the following are equivalent notations for the derivative. ( ) ( ( )) ( ) df dy d f x y f x Df x dx dx dx

If y = f x( ) all of the following are equivalent notations for derivative evaluated at x a = . ( ) ( ) x a x a x a df dy f a y Df a dx d

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An integral of the calculus defines the measure of an area under the respective curve function. In addition, it collects the discrete value of a process over a particular range of values. You must know proper math formulas on integration. Know more about it today.


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Basic Integration Formulas

  • ∫ xn dx = x(n + 1)/(n + 1)+ C.
  • ∫ 1 dx = x + C.
  • ∫ ex dx = ex + C.
  • ∫ 1/x dx = log |x| + C.
  • ∫ ax dx = ax /log a+ C.
  • ∫ ex [f(x) + f'(x)] dx = ex f(x) + C.

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Some Calculus cheat sheet

Precise Definition: We say lim x a fx L if for every 0 there is a 0 such that whenever 0 x a, then fx L. 

“Working” Definition: We say lim x an fx L if we can make f x as close to L as we want by taking x sufficiently close to an (on either side of a) without letting x a.

Calculus 1- Know about its constituents

The main focus of calculus 1 is on differential calculus. The concepts associated with it are limits and continuity. The vital topics that come under this category are:

  • Derivatives
  • Limits
  • Integrations
  • Application of the derivatives.

Most of the students find calculus 1 hard. Thus, the hardest part of the same is felt by most of the students who have been observing it as a major in mathematics. Though it is just an introduction to higher-level mathematics, some of them find it hard.

If you look for a cheat sheet for calculus 1 the following image will clarify it.

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Calculus 1- Know about its constituents

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Calculus 2- What does it cover?

Calculus 2 covers the function of integral calculus. It deals with the application of one variable and its function. The inclusions of the Calculus 2 are:

  • The specific method of integration
  • Parametric equations
  • Separable differential equations
  • Polar coordinates

Examples of Calculus 2



Area = 1/2 * base * height

Perimeter = a + b + c (add the length of the three sides)

Area using Heron’s formula = 

S = \frac{a + b + c}{2}


Area = \sqrt{S(S – a)(S – b)(S – c)}


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Now, the majority of the students search for the calculus 2 cheat sheet. If you are one of them, the following examples will help you relate to math terminology cheat sheet.

Some examples of Pre calculus cheat sheet

The main focus of the precalculus is on several properties and functions of trigonometry, exponential function, and logarithm. Also, the precalculus course covers the complex processes of matrices, vectors, probability, and conic sections. Thus, students will invariably require the precalculus cheat sheet.

Examples of Pre calculus cheat sheet

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What is the way to calculate conic section equations in precalculus?

One of the challenging parts of precalculus is differentiating between the equations and the conic section. It is pretty essential to understand the difference between hyperbolas and parabolas. Also, it is challenging to know about the diversification of a circle and an ellipse. The calculus formula sheet will help you get the best result. You can also refer to the calculus equation sheet.

With the help of the following equations, you can get a clear concept.

The way to calculate conic section equations in precalculus

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How to cheat in calculus?

If you are answering the questions online, the calculus formula sheet is something you can find online. Also, in the physical examination hall, you can carry the cheat sheet. The calculus reference sheet can be helpful as well.

2. What are the 4 concepts of calculus?

The 4 concepts of calculus are:

  1. Limits
  2. Differential calculus
  3. Integral calculus
  4. Multivariable calculus

3. Do you get a formula sheet for calculus?

You can either get it in your textbook or get it from any of the online sources.

4. Is college calculus hard?

Many students say college calculus is more complicated than high school calculus. But, the opinion differs for another group of students.

5. How long will you take to learn calculus?

The answer is not similar for all individuals. Since the IQ level of each individual is different, the learning tenure will also be different.

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