Big Ideas Learning is a research-based approach to math curriculum. This K-12 program aims to help students develop their conceptual understanding of math while also empowering their teachers. 

In addition, the Big Ideas Math program allows schools with technological setups to use the program’s assets best for them. However, it includes a built-in assessment and progress monitoring tool that allows teachers to track and evaluate students’ advancement through the curriculum. In this guide, we have mentioned everything about Big Ideas and how you can get Big Ideas Math homework answers.

  • Insert the username and password the teacher has provided to you
  • Click on the homework assignment. If there is any note, follow that and then start the assignment
  • Once you answer the questions, you can also check the work. However, if the answer is correct, it will turn into a green box. Furthermore, you can reanswer as well if the answer is incorrect.
  • The teacher has an opportunity to tell you how many times you can check your answer on Big Ideas Math, so note that.
  • After completing all the questions, at the top right, there are options like save, save & exit, and submit. In addition, if you save and exit, you can review the work and change your answers later by not submitting it. However, if you submit it, you cannot access it later and change the answers.

Homework App and the Student Experience on Big Ideas Math

The image is of Big Ideas Math homework app.

The Big Ideas, Math Homework App, allows students to work on assignments via supported devices. However, students must first download the assignment to their device.

The image shows how Big Ideas app work.

Opening an Assignment

  • Tap or click Download on the assignment.
  • Once the assignment has been downloaded to your device, tap or click the assignment tile to launch the assignment.
  • Click on the Start in the player to initiate.

Saving Progress to the Device

  • Open the player menu from within the assignment.
  • Select Save and Exit.
  • Select Exit.

Uploading Assignments

  • To upload, tap or click Upload on the assignment title. However, upload functionality is enabled once the assignment has been initiated on the device.
  • The assignment and the student’s saved progress are now available on other devices, including

Submit Assignments

There are 2 ways to submit an assignment from the Homework App.

1. From the player menu

  • Open the player menu from the assignment
  • Click on the Submit button         

2.From the assignment review screen

  • When you reach the last question of the assignment, click on Review
  • Click on the Finish button.


The Big Ideas Math Homework App offers device and in-app notifications. Moreover, these include due soon, which appears when an assignment is due in 2 hours, and overdue notifications. 

Turning Off/On Notifications

  • Go to the app’s main menu.
  • Use the Notification toggle switch to enable or disable notifications.

Clearing Notifications

  • Click or tap the notification icon from the assignment list.
  • Swipe the notification you wish to delete or click/tap the Clear All button at the top.

With the Big Ideas Math Homework App, students can:

  • Work on assignments while offline.
  • Upload work completed to save progress.
  • Receive alerts when assignments are uploaded and/or due.
  • Access the assignment player to change the color scheme.
  • Use the Desmos Graphing Calculator if the teacher has enabled it.

Why Students Choose Big Ideas Math?

 The infographic shows why students choose Big Ideas Math

Accelerate Student Learning

You can develop a solid conceptual understanding of math in Big Ideas Learning. However, you can also check your progress. However, the math programs help you make connections across content and create a solid foundation in maths while accelerating learning. 

Improve Rigor and Coherence

The math curriculum in Big Ideas Learning challenges students to think conceptually and with reason and develop math practice skills to learn. In addition, it offers a seamless experience, resulting in increased rigor and coherence. 

Engaging, Visible Learning

Big Ideas Learning math programs engage students’ inquiring minds through relevant content language, interactive video, and engaging imagery. However, they allow students to have fun while making connections. Moreover, the curriculum inspires students to grow as learners through learning targets, success criteria, and ongoing student self-assessments. 

Can I Get Big Ideas Math Homework Answer Key?

In Big Ideas Math, when creating the assignments or homework, the questions are determined by choosing ‘same’ or ‘random’ options. If “Same” is selected, students will get all the same questions in the same order. Furthermore, if “Random” is chosen, they will get different versions of the same test. In general, there are five different versions for each random test. However, if assignments are created again, each student will receive a different version. 

Furthermore, getting the answer key is impossible as the teachers generate the questions. You may search for similar types of questions online to understand the concept. Therefore, hiring professionals to get big ideas math help with homework is the best option for this reason. 

Can Teachers Lock and Unlock Math Assignments on  Big Ideas?

Teachers can lock and unlock assignments to control when students can access them. To lock an assignment- 

  • Go to the Performance Report page for the assignment
  • Mark the student for whom you would like to lock/unlock it
  • Click the “Lock” or “Unlock” options under the Actions menu.

Why Pay Someone For Big Ideas Math Homework?

Math is a field with many intricate ideas and formulas. However, you should have a strong grasp of the fundamentals to perform well. If you are one of those students who doesn’t understand mathematical concepts, getting online assistance is your best option to perform well in an online class

Time Limitations

Many students are likely working part-time to fulfill their needs. Additionally, with hectic schedules and pressure at work, it’s clear why someone would struggle to complete projects on time and prepare for tests. However, paying professionals like Takeonlineclasshelp let you focus on your job and handle other responsibilities. As a result, let the professionals handle your big ideas math algebra 1 homework. 

Improved Academic Performance

Are you struggling with math concepts? Do you know that not understanding them properly can hamper your overall academic performance? Hiring our professionals opens the door to improved grades and robust academic records. Their dedication to math coursework ensures excellence and accuracy. The team can also help you with MyOpenMath homework solutions. It enables you to achieve better results in exams and overall educational evaluations. 

24/7 Live Support

Many students cannot attend online classes or complete their big ideas math geometry homework answers. However, online class takers understand your situation. Besides, they provide 24-hour, 7-day customer service, through which you can get mathematics help any time of the day. Therefore, all you have to do is drop them a message; soon, someone will reach out to you and help you.


If you have difficulty achieving high marks on Big Ideas math homework and exams, you can look to hire someone to take my class or exam at Takeonlineclasshelp. However, we have a dedicated staff of specialists who can help you with different subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the Big Ideas math geometry homework answer key?

You can search for similar types of math questions. Therefore, you cannot get the exact geometry homework answer key. 

How do you find the Big Ideas math homework answers to linear expressions?

To solve the linear equations, find the variable’s value that makes the equation true. Try to use the inverse of the number that multiplies the variable and multiply or divide both sides by it. However, simplify the result to get the variable value. In addition, check your answer by plugging it back into the equation.

Are big ideas math free?

Yes, students can access the free edition of the textbook by selecting the program from the drop-down menu.

Is big ideas math a curriculum?

The Big Ideas Math program provides a focused curriculum for middle and high school students.

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