85% – this is the quotient of international students, who claim to accomplish an up-scale experience from the infrastructure of online education. &;

  •  For 77% of veteran academicians, the quality of learning and training provided at online classes does surpass the standard offered in ‘actual’ classrooms
  • The success rate for the first batch of USA’s first online law institute – Concord Law School (Purdue University) stands at a record mark of 45%
  • As per the First Year Student Law Exam statistics of California, online students showcase a higher pass percentage (around 35%) in comparison to the average 17% rate displayed by their ‘actual’ classroom peers
  • In accordance with government academic surveys, career-aspirants enrolled in 1 or more online courses – along with pursuing the conventional curriculum, tend to outweigh those banking upon only the conventional module in the long-run
  • If to acknowledge the opinion of university deans and college principals across the borders, then online learning is more powerful (than the traditional form) in aiding a student to fulfill own long-term educational goals 
  • In 2018, over 80% of students vowed to have gained the ultimate of ROI from services like “Take My Online Course,” online assignment writing, virtual academic assistant, etc
  • When it comes to recruiting, around 35% of employers give equal value to online certification and an ‘actual’ classroom degree; in upcoming future, 21% are likely to recognize an ‘e-certificate’ as superior to a ‘physical’ one

So, no more confusion over whether or not to proceed for the online course you were thinking about? The stats mentioned above do prove digital learning’s ultimate effectiveness, don’t they?

Well, wait for a moment. Online learning is, indeed, optimally productive. But, this productivity can home to an enrolled student – only when the one takes the course by following specific fundamental guidelines. 

Or, to say in a more direct style, by not making some definite mistakes that eventually prompt the one to discontinue.

But how to know about the very errors to prevent from? Get engaged to the points enlisted below –

#1 Not Previewing The Course Module

Why are you endeavoring to take an online course? Either to take your own professional career to the ‘next big level’ or to stay ‘a step ahead’ of peers as a fresher, right?

Then how will it appear if, post-enrollment, you find the course not suited to your aspirations? Utmost gruesome for sure?

So, do not neglect the step of reviewing and realizing the course structure and inclusive lesson models to the depth. Dedicate adequate time and attention to this end and do learn –

  • About the government accreditations and industrial collaborations the curriculum preserves
  • Whether both soft and hard copies of certificates will be available on course completion (it is always better to get both)
  • How many practical skill training sessions will be provided?
  • Course’s synchronization with the latest researches and developments in the corresponding field of study

#Expert Tips: Do not choose a course just because your friends have enrolled in it. Be sure that it suits you as well.

#2 Let Not the First Day of Class Be Your First Day

At par with renowned academicians around the world, the most prevalent error students make is that of –

Accessing the core learning platform for the first time during the first session and in effect ending up in a ‘pool of confusion’. 

What they opine is that of getting well-acquainted with the portal way before the first ‘class’. 

How to browse through? What will be the procedure to contact a teacher? Is every available learning material printable? Does your PC’s existing configuration fulfill the technical specs required? Is the given helpline number connecting through your phone? – to ensure their own smoothest progress throughout the curriculum, attempt to ascertain each such ground days before the learning begins.

#Expert Tips: Participate in the student forum relative to the course, even if your learning hasn’t started. This allows to have the most real-time idea about the way tuitions are given, internet speed required, hacks to follow during examinations, etc.

#3 Do Not Be Miser Over Tools

You do desire to get the best out of your own virtual education, correct? Then hesitating to acquire every required digital tool can in effect, hamper the mark of your learning.

Wouldn’t you be spending over each essential resource if enrolled at a conventional education system? Rather there would have been no other option but to do so.

Remember each plugin or software an online course asks you to install results in your evolution only – as a student and in-future professional. 

Tools Like;

Class Dojo – A distinctive medium for teachers to provide ready feedback on students’ performance; you learn to be open to criticisms and ‘how-tos’ of accepting appreciation 

– With an enriched but comfy UI, it lets instructors create rich standard audio-visual contents complementing a lesson and share those across multiple platforms (PC, mobile, tab); your first step in working over videos and podcasts

Edu Clipper – One most valuable tool permitting both teachers and students to upload, share and archive reference materials, valuable links and any other resource that stands important for the course in a common network; your savviness upon the texture of ‘shared digital space’

Kahoot – An extensive learning tool that encourages game-based education. Through diverse formats like questionnaires, surveys, open discussions, opinion polls etc it makes both teaching and learning a ‘fun’ and ‘perfection’. Your first grooming over acquiring an easy yet effective work approach.

and many alike contribute in nothing but pure ‘boost’ to your grades and perception about trending work methods

So, leave past the thought of “It can be nudged over” and make sincere budget planning to have whatever is required without any hitches. 

#Expert Tips: Most of the prevalent learning software allows ‘Free Teacher Memberships’. Worth a scope to request a mentor and access such a toll via the person.

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

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#4 Faltering Over Attention

Another much common and spontaneous blunder learners tend to commit. 

As reveals a pro scholar, a prime cause for students underperforming at examinations is their fluctuating span of attention. While a class is ‘on’, they often divert to use the net connection for other non-academic activities.

  • Logging into own social media account 
  • Chance surfing through the net and,
  • Diversion into a purely non-relevant video at the time of analyzing an educative content on YouTube.

are the most common mistakes students indulge in ‘in-between’ a class.

If to actually acquire higher grades at an online course and make own mark through that, there is no other alternative from being fully attentive during every stage of the learning.  

What you require understanding is that an online teaching session is not another ‘Facebook Live’ program from which you can easily divert within minutes. 

Neither is a video tutorial an Instagram or Snap chat feed that can be casually browsed through.

Just like attention to the teachers’ lectures and blackboard presentations is duly required in an ‘actual’ classroom to score good marks; here, too is the same. In the end, it all depends on your level of determination and zeal to outperform peers. 

#Expert Tips: Make the mind ‘understand’ that no other Window but that of the online program is working. If it helps, get up and stroll for 2-3 minutes within the room, whenever distraction seems inevitable.

#5 Giving A Miss to Special Tutorials

Thinking the provided PDFS, videos, and monthly tutoring sessions will be enough for your success? Then you do require to re-think. 

Remember, the reason online curriculums have gained such popularity in recent years is the style of structuring the course and taking a uniquely practical approach to teaching. 

Just as an ‘e-course’ can guarantee a ‘hike’ in your career, so is enhanced its standard of education. It often turns out quite much difficult for students to grasp –

  • A lesson
  • correctly interpret a video
  • Use a plugin
  • Prepare a term paper 


  • Be ‘at a loss’ over an elaborate ‘e-book’. 

Knowing these as common issues to arise, every renowned digital learning program arrange for frequent tutorials – for students to have each doubt cleared from the relevant faculty only.

But given to sheer negligence, students often tend to overlook such notifications and consequently miss an opportunity to receive adept guidance. Many even doubt the worthiness of the service charge related to these sessions. 

As reveals statistics, all such apprehensions in effect contribute to learners’ dropping-out in the middle of a semester – only for total confusion over ‘how to study’. 

If you do not wish to be one of the ‘drop-outs,’ then do make it a habit of undertaking as many special tutorials as possible. Maintain an optimum learning attitude and be aptly responsive to the instructor. At the session’s end, you should be ‘one step ahead’ of what you knew.

Acknowledge that an ‘A’ or ‘A+’ grade does not come as a cakewalk. Along with hard-work, it asks you to ‘make the most of’ every upcoming opportunity. 

#Expert Tips: To not miss any alert about special classes, students should log in to their course account every morning and cross-check the dashboard for any latest news.

#6 Not Maintaining the Forum Cordiality

An ever-recurring mistake on the part of the students of online education. 

They tend to treat the live chat function and message board provided (to communicate with teachers, help executives, and other learners) as simply another social media platform. And in effect, end up using a language that is ‘too casual’ and sometimes even inappropriate.

Do acknowledge that while not inside a traditional school or college set-up, but you are still within an academic ambiance post logging in into the ‘e-learning’ portal. 

The people instructing & guiding you are still the teachers and deserve every bit of respect and admiration due to them. The same applies to the support staff. 

Now, every such communicative platform is shared within the entire portal network. So how you interact with peers while ‘staying’ within the set-up is also duly noticed by the course conductors. 

And if to believe the experienced online instructors – the effect of your language usage can get reflected on the assessment of the final term paper even!

Refrain from –

  • Using any non-formal dialect such as “ROFL”, “OMG”, “U”, “NO PROB”
  • Any word/phrases that are universally deemed to be unsuitable
  • Make sure always to speak and respond to all in complete sentences carrying proper grammatical sense. 

As for interacting with the faculty and staff, ensure to have a respectful attitude – always starting the discussion with formal conventions. 

#7 Lack of a Proper Time Schedule

One prime cause leading to course discontinuation for more and more online learners across the borders. While it does stand true that the curriculum structure of the ‘E-education’ allows a student to study by flexible timings – remember that time is not infinite.

You can go slow, but you have to be steady and most importantly, continuous.

From interpreting video lessons to writing essays and submitting term papers – there remains much to be studied and lots to be done. 

If you fail to design a routine for each learning aspect and devote definite time and attention to each – things will not work. 

Important as well is to undertake tasks regularly – otherwise, it is highly probable that you find yourself ‘nowhere’ – while the examinations/assignment deadline knocks on the door.

#Expert Tips: Nothing less than 10 hours of weekly studying is going to cut the mark for a learner. So before enrollment, make sure to adopt that mindset and plan own daily schedule accordingly.

Let your learning journey ‘stay’ free from each of these blunders. And the results’ locked’ within an online course is bound to boost your career and life as a whole. So, commit carefulness and approach digital learning as the real-time ‘U-turn’ of own life. Click on to experience the excellence of education and perfection of online mentoring can reach. Our best-in-class faculty awaits to groom you. 

Curriculum Is A Confusion?

Best Solution Is A Click Away

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